3 Easy Halloween Costumes Made From a Little Black Dress

Take on Halloween in style with these three simple costumes — silent film star, bat and spiderweb — that all begin with a black dress.

That black dress hanging in the back of your closet is the first step to pulling together a super easy and chic LBD Halloween costume. These three creative little black dress costume ideas only require a few (cheap) materials to make and are perfect for that last-minute Halloween party or even for work.

How to Make a Bat Costume

Woman wearing a bat costume made from a black dress

Black Dress Halloween Costume Bat

Take on Halloween in style with this simple bat costume that begins with a little black dress.

Photo by: Jennie Andrews / Styling by Jill Tennant

Jennie Andrews / Styling by Jill Tennant

Tools and Materials:

  • safety pins
  • headband
  • black felt

1. Make Wings

Open a black umbrella. Cut out two of the triangles opposite one another. Carefully cut the stitches that hold the fabric onto the metal frame. Unscrew the top of the umbrella and remove the nylon completely from the frame. If your umbrella doesn’t unscrew, cut carefully around the circle, keeping the rest of the fabric intact.

2. Attach to Dress

Use safety pins to attach the center of the wings to the back, top center of the dress. With arms outstretched to a T-pose, pin the top of the wings to the back of the dress, allowing the bottoms to hang freely. Glue small black triangles of felt to a headband for simple ears. This bat is way more chic than creepy!

How to Make a Spiderweb Costume

Woman wearing a black dress with spider's web embellishment

Black Dress Halloween Costume Spider's Web

Take on Halloween in style with this simple ppider's web costume that begins with a little black dress.

Photo by: Jennie Andrews / Styling by Jill Tennant

Jennie Andrews / Styling by Jill Tennant

Tools and Materials

  • black dress
  • white yarn
  • headband
  • faux spider
  • scissors

1. Tie Yarn

While wearing a black dress, start by tying a piece of white yarn around your waist. Trim the ends. Tie long pieces of white yarn to that waist piece so that they hang down, ending at about the hem of your black dress. The vertical yarn pieces should be spaced about 4" to 6" apart.

2. Create a Web

Tie a long piece of yarn about 4" down one of the vertical pieces and then, working around in a circle, tie it to each of the other vertical pieces. Leave some slack in between each knot, creating a web-like appearance. Continue working down the entire length of the dress to the hem. Finish the look by gluing a faux spider to a headband.

How to Make a Silent Film Star Costume

Woman dressed as a black and white Hollywood star.

Black Dress Halloween Costume Old Hollywood

Take on Halloween in style with this easy costume that begin with a little black dress.

Photo by: Jennie Andrews / Styling by Jill Tennant

Jennie Andrews / Styling by Jill Tennant

Tools and Materials:

1. Paint Skin

This costume will have everyone doing double takes. By covering all skin and hair in grayscale, you create the appearance of a black-and-white film star who has stepped into a colored world. Using a brush or a sponge, paint all visible face and neck skin with light gray pan make-up. Follow instructions on the paint to get the best coverage. Cover all skin completely, including ears, eyebrows and lips.

2. Add Shading

Paint eyeshadow with black pan makeup. Paint lips and eyebrows with a black makeup pencil.

3. Cover Exposed Skin

Complete the transformation by covering any remaining exposed skin with long gloves, a neck scarf, tights or socks and a black wig. This super creative look will have the audience cheering.

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