40 Couple's Costume Ideas For You and Your BOO!

This year, don't wait until the last minute to come up with the perfect couple's costume for you and your plus one. Check out our list of clever, punny and classic costumes you can buy or DIY.

August 28, 2020

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY

Photo By: Sarah Busby

Photo By: Keiko Lynn

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Photo By: Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY

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Photo By: Keiko Lynn

Photo By: A Beautiful Mess

Photo By: Sarah Busby

Photo By: A Beautiful Mess

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Photo By: Mike Coppola

Photo By: Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY

Photo By: Chelsea Faulkner Vittatoe

Photo By: A Beautiful Mess

Photo By: A Beautiful Mess

Photo By: Mike Coppola

Photo By: Sarah Busby

Photo By: Keiko Lynn

Photo By: Ananda Towle

Photo By: Mike Coppola

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Photo By: Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY

Photo By: Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY

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Photo By: Roy Rochlin

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Photo By: Mike Coppola

Party Animals

This pun-tastic costume is as easy as it gets. Just throw on whatever cute outfit you want to wear and top it off with animal headbands and party hats. If you want to go the extra mile, color-coordinate your outfit with the party "animal" of your choice.

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Did Someone Order Pizza?

Coming up with a great couple's costume takes some out-of-the-box thinking. Out of the pizza box that is. This adorable pizza slice and delivery boy costume from Studio DIY is easy on the wallet and the perfect balance of all-out DIY and low-maintenance costuming.

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Go Nuts for Donuts

With 101 clever ways to display your baby bump, being pregnant at Halloween can be so much fun. Grab your partner for this easy DIY coffee-and-doughnut costume. Not pregnant? This costume still takes the cake ... I mean, doughnut.

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Get Ready for an Adventure

When Disney's Up was released, it was an instant animated classic. The heartwarming story just so happens to make for a perfect couple's costume as well. Put your DIY skills to the test by crafting the "balloon house" accompanied by your version of Carl Fredricksen for a wild adventure! Costume ideas courtesy of Keiko Lynn.

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A Legendary Combo

Just like iconic movie characters, classic folklore can make for an easily recognizable costume. Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox costumes are surprisingly easy to throw together at the last-minute and are sure to save you from a night of explaining what your costume is.

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Birthday Suits

Show off your DIY prowess with this birthday boy and cake costume from Studio DIY. The look is impressively chic and perfectly pairs formal wear with cute, crafted attire. You’re sure to fit right in at costume parties and dinner parties alike.

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Gnome One Will Beat This

No costume ideas? Gnome problem. This charming couples costume can be crafted in under an hour with little-to-no crafting experience. The outfit utilizes clothing items that most people already have with easy-to-find crafting accessories for a look that is sure to turn heads.

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Black Panther Royalty

Be prepared to blow your party guests away when you dress as the regal Ramonda, Queen Mother of Wakanda, and King T'Challa, the Black Panther. This powerful pair doesn't even need vibranium to win all the "best dressed" awards.

Home Improvement Royalty

We can't talk about couples' costumes without mentioning home improvement show darlings, Chip and Joanna Gaines. Luckily, these looks are pretty easy to replicate and achieve very recognizable results using clothing items you already have.

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Once Upon a Dream

A costume you don't have to get out of bed for? Yes, please. We love the classic simplicity of this Disney-inspired ensemble from Keiko Lynn.

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Just Add Waffles

No matter how long we have to wait between seasons, Stranger Things seems to always be a relevant topic of conversation. Mike and Eleven have won over a massive audience, meaning you are sure to win over your Halloween party with this incredibly accurate recreation from A Beautiful Mess.

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This One's for the Millennials

If you’re looking for a creative way to display your baby bump, look no further than this avocado toast costume. All you need is some old moving boxes and craft paint.

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The Princess Bride

You'll have the whole room saying "Inconceivable!" when they see you walk in wearing this jaw-dropping ensemble. The Buttercup and Westley look is surprisingly easy to recreate but may take a few trips to your favorite thrift stores to get just right. A Beautiful Mess has all the right tips to make this look truly inconceivable.

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We La-La-Love This One

Remember 2016 when the only thing we had to talk about was how much we loved La La Land? What a simple time. Take a trip down memory lane by dressing as Sebastian and Mia. All the costume requires are a few key clothing items (really, just a yellow dress). However, you may have to strike the signature pose if someone needs context.

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A Marvel-ous Duo

Channel your inner superhero to recreate the look of this powerful pair from the Marvel universe — Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) and Ms. Marvel (aka Kamala Khan).

Got a Sweet Tooth?

Studio DIY does it again with this super sweet couple’s costume. Every sweet tooth needs its candy fix, and this costume delivers. Though it looks a little intricate, this outfit and its accessories are surprisingly easy to make and come together to create something cooler than anything money could buy.

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Deviled Egg + Holy Cow

The couple who puns together stays together. Head to the craft store to gather all the materials to make this clever, good-versus-evil ensemble.

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The Iconic Canadian Tuxedo

If you’re unfamiliar with this infamous Britney and Justin look, just do a quick internet search and familiarize yourself. This may just be the quintessential couples costume look. A Beautiful Mess has everything you need to pull it off perfectly.

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Roaring Twenties

If ever there was a year to break out the flapper gear, 2020 is it. Give a nod to the infamous party decade by donning your best 1920s-style clothing — think slinky dresses, feather boas, suspenders and fedoras. And don't forget the most important accessory — a glass of sparkling champagne!

Fantastic Mr. (and Mrs.!) Fox

The 2009 Wes Anderson staple may be over a decade old now, but it will live on forever in our hearts thanks to this adorable couple's costume courtesy of A Beautiful Mess. All it takes is a little painting and clothes you probably already own.

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Who Ya Gonna Call? ...

... Ghostbusters! Suit up in your best boo-blasting coveralls and strap on a proton pack before scouring the neighborhood for haunts this Halloween.

A Classic Combination

You and your toddler go together like milk and cookies! You can whip up this cute costume using a cardboard box, felt, some round chair cushions and basic craft supplies. Learn how to make your own using our handy tutorial.

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Breakfast Buddies

Everything is better with a fried egg on top — even a baby bump! All you need to do to pull off this adorable bacon and eggs look is craft an egg out of cardboard, pair it with a yellow shirt and a bacon scarf. Yes, we said bacon scarf.

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Mary Poppins and Bert

Mary Poppins is a multi-generational childhood favorite, which makes it perfect for a couple's costume. We personally think Keiko Lynn gave Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke a run for their money with this recreation of the classic looks.

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Scooby Dooby Doo

RIKES RAGGY! There is no mystery as to why we love this Shaggy and Velma couple's costume from Ananda Towle. The outfits are very simple to put together, yet look amazing side by side. If you're able, bring your very own Scooby along for the cherry on top. Follow the link to Ananda's Instagram below to see more.

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Jon Snow + Arya Stark

Fun fact: Jon Snow and Arya Stark were originally supposed to fall in love in the television adaptation of Game of Thrones. Alas, they did not and we were able to watch the bond between cousins unfold platonically. Recreate this sweet cousinly embrace by donning your best Game of Thrones attire this Halloween. If nothing else, at least you'll be warm.

Take a Cue From the Kangaroos

This Halloween, keep baby close, comfortable and portable by taking a cue from our furry friends down under and wearing this mama and baby kangaroo costume.

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Lumber Jack & Jill

Cute, cozy and warm – this might be the most practical Halloween costume on our list. Dress to match your partner in flannel shirts, blue jeans, leather work boots (or booties) and fur-lined trapper hats.

A Tasty Team

Trigger everyone's tastebuds with this fun girl scout and cookie costume from Unblushing. Unfortunately, you most likely won't be able to dig out your old girl scout uniform like she did, but it may be worth a trip to a thrift shop.

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Louis + Marie

There's a reason the tragic tale of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI hasn't lost its luster in over 250 years. One word: intrigue. Impress your court (aka party guests) this Halloween by dressing up in your best French royal attire, powdering your wigs and shouting, "Let them eat cake!"

Dessert, Anyone?

This creative costume comes from the geniuses at Studio DIY. We love the flexibility of the “French chef” idea, as it can be paired with a variety of instantly recognizable food items. Learn how to DIY the croquembouche costume by following the link below.

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Back to School for Halloween

Fall is coming and the smell of school supplies is in the air. Regardless of your feelings toward the coming semester, you have to admit that this school supply costume from Studio DIY is brilliant. This versatile idea can serve as a couple’s costume or a family costume depending on your needs.

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Calling All 'Anchorman' Fans

Even if you haven’t seen Anchorman, it’s hard not to recognize these memorable looks from the movie. Blogger Nicole Petersen effortlessly pulled off the look with her very own Ron Burgundy (here husband, Greg) and gave us serious costume envy. Follow the link to her Instagram below to see more and, as always, stay classy San Diego.

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We're All Mad Here

Feeling whimsical? Recreate Lewis Carroll's problematic villains, the Mad Hatter and The Red Queen, in over-the-top costumes like the ones seen here. Take it one step further and bring along some appropriate props like a teacup and saucer, and a DIY heart-shaped scepter.

Tortoise + Hare

Drag out your box of craft supplies and dig through your athletic-ware drawer to become this classic, competitive duo.

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Best Buds in the Universe

You and your boo go together like, well, Han Solo and Chewbacca. Grab your partner in crime and dress up as Star Wars' most beloved duo this Halloween.

Cher & Di

As if! Channel your inner Dionne Davenport or Cher Horowitz in a pair of coordinating plaid skirt suits, which can be found at multiple retailers online. And don't forget the most important accessories: copious amounts of chewing gum and Cher's signature hair flip.

Kirk + Spock

We hope you've practiced your Vulcan salute for this Star Trek-inspired costume. All you need to pull it together are blue and mustard yellow long-sleeved shirts, black turtlenecks and some printed badges. Live long and prosper!

T-Shirt Monsters

Need a costume idea ASAP? Shop your closet for some old white T-shirts, then throw together this simple mummy and skeleton ensemble. Pair with some spooky makeup and you're out the door in no time.

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Matador and Baby Bull Costume

For mom (or dad!) and baby, it doesn't get much more adorable than this bull and matador costume. The easy-to-craft costume will keep you both comfortable no matter what the night holds, and you’re guaranteed to get the cutest cow-stume award.

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