The Best Tools for Painting Your Apartment

We've rounded up everything you'll need for a flawless interior paint job.

Keep It Clean

Before you paint your space, make sure all walls are squeaky clean. You can spot clean with a sponge, of course, or you can make it way easier and use this wall and ceiling mop. 

Get Prepped

One of the most important things you can do when painting your space is to pay attention to the prep work — the better you prep, the happier you'll be with your end result. Use this painter's tape to protect the trim and ceiling.

A Corkscrew for Paint Cans

Use this metal key to prevent breaking any nails when prying open paint cans. You can even keep it on your keychain if you want. 

Drip, Drip, Drip No More

If you've ever tried to pour your paint into a tray without one of these babies, you already know it isn't pretty. This handy tool will help you store paint easily, as well as pour it with no mess. 

Painting 101

This handy starter kit includes all the tools you'll need to paint your apartment — rollers, a brush, a tray and tray liner. 

Touch It Up

When you're working on the trim or touching up, it's a pain to have to lug a big paint tray around the room. This handheld paint pail is easy to carry around as you paint. 

Get Edge-y With It

Speaking of trim, it's usually the trickiest part of painting a room. This edger tool makes it easier to tackle. It allows you to paint straight lines on corners and edges.

Cover It Up

If painting will take more than a day, these paintbrush covers are a must. Simply cover the brush instead of wasting time washing it. 

Drop It Like It's Hot

Drop cloths are a must for protecting the floor and furniture. Plastic drop cloths are cheaper, but these canvas ones do the job much better. Bonus: They're less slippery. 

Go Big or Go Home

For larger spaces, a 5-gallon bucket will come in handy for mixing paint. Even when using the same color, there can be a slight variation from can to can. Mix the paint together in a large bucket to help make your space look more uniform.

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