HGTV Editors Share Products That Help Them Hide or Swap Out Household Eyesores

Breaker boxes, water heaters, litter boxes — some things in our homes are simply unappealing to look at. Here are the items we use in our own homes to disguise (or replace) the ugly stuff.

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November 01, 2022

It's no secret that clutter affects our stress levels and overall mental health. What people consider to be a "cluttered" space varies from person to person — some may prefer to have completely clear counters and tabletops while may want more stuff on display as long as everything has a "place" to keep things orderly. Some people, like me, are bothered by not just the amount of stuff, but also visual clutter that comes from branded, colorful items, which can be overstimulating.

Some items in our homes can't just be tossed in a drawer or hidden away, though. Sometimes items like floor registers or fly traps simply have to be visible, but there are easy ways we can make them blend in better. From leather fly swatters to storage containers to chic chip clips (yes, that's a thing), check out some of our editors' favorite buys that help make mundane home items more aesthetically pleasing.


"I was in the market for a fly swatter and instantly added this one to my cart after coming across it on Amazon. A fly swatter is something you usually want fairly accessible, and I planned to hang mine on a hook in my sunroom, which is also the main entry point of my home. I didn't want a piece of bright plastic to be the first thing I (or my guests) saw upon entry, and this leather and wood one blends in with the other items like an apron and tote bag I have hanging in the same area. A recent guest even commented on how much they liked my 'artisanal fly swatter,' which is how I shall refer to it from now on." — Laura James, Editor

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"I use baskets for everything — to hold blankets, pet items, toys, books, cable box, speakers, bath towels. It’s not a hack, exactly, but baskets are my go-to when I want to store loose items in an organized (and pretty) way." — Molly Miller, Assistant Editor

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"Another item that cramps our home's style? Tissue boxes. During cold and flu season, accessible tissues are a must, but ditch the branding and visual clutter by adding a beautiful faux leather tissue box cover. This one is affordable, slips right over the top of a square-shaped tissue box and comes in so many stylish colors to fit your home's decor." — Laura James, Editor

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"My home has a ton of open storage, which is great in theory, but in reality, all of those open shelves can look messy in a flash. I buy these simple white bins from The Container Store literally by the case — they are reasonably priced, come in a variety of sizes and look sleek and uniform while corralling everything from dog biscuits to sunscreen." — Marianne Canada, Senior Director + Executive Producer

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"At HGTV, we love nothing more than an organized, elevated pantry — decanted supplies in glass containers, lazy Susan organizers for easy access and clear snack bins that help you easily find items and keep track of what you have are all so helpful. And in the biggest before-and-after pantry transformations, it's often the little details like matching labels or chip clips that make a pantry look pro level. Streamline your chip clips by ditching the colorful plastic ones and going for these gold metal ones instead." — Laura James, Editor

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"I love my two cats so much, but I hate their litter boxes. For nine years now, I’ve struggled to find ways to actively hide them while still ensuring my cats have comfortable access to do their business. If you want to forgo a furniture transformation, then this is your best bet for disguising your cat’s litter box. This plastic enclosure is super easy to clean and even offers up some extra storage space if you need it. It took my cats a few days to get used to their new, luxurious offerings, but once they did, I gladly said goodbye to their old boxes." — Kayla Kitts, Managing Editor

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"Fruit flies are an unfortunate reality that many home owners deal with at some point, usually in the kitchen. While you can easily concoct a DIY trap using a glass jar, it's not exactly an appetizing sight. This discreet ceramic and stainless steel fly trap is both functional and much more aesthetically pleasing." — Laura James, Editor

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"Recently, I gave my pantry a total makeover with the help of these Made by Design storage containers from Target. The clear sides allow for easy ingredient identification while the opaque airtight lids ensure your food stays fresh. And yes, they stack perfectly, which is every organization-obsessed person’s dream. My pantry is now free from poorly-opened boxes and half-ripped bags and all the other things that make one’s pantry, well, an eyesore. The best part? This makeover won’t cost you an arm and a leg." — Ellie Sanders, Assistant Editor

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"In my last apartment, the wall next to my closet made the most sense for where to place my dresser, but it also happened to be the wall with my breaker box, which made for an ugly vignette. I needed a wall hanging that would cover the entire box and used one similar to this neutral, textured hanging from Wayfair, though the brand has a ton of different styles. It was the perfect solution because I could still easily access the breaker box if needed, but it was much more visually appealing to look at on a day-to-day basis." — Laura James, Assistant Editor

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"While this doesn’t exactly hide my air return, a decorative floor register at least isn’t as visually offensive as builder grade ones." — Molly Miller, Assistant Editor

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"It's difficult to avoid branding on household items like disinfecting wipes, so I love this stainless steel container that is quite the improvement and something you can leave out on the countertop without ruining your kitchen's vibe." — Laura James, Editor

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"My water heater is located in my laundry room, which is just off the garage. It used to be the first thing I saw every time I came home, so I concealed it with a pretty room divider screen. A much better view!" — Shannon Petrie, Managing Editor

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"There's no good place to put a litter box. It literally disrupts any space. For my sanity — and to keep some semblance of a well-designed home — I use a room divider to hide my cats' bathrooms within my home office. The divider keeps the boxes easy to access for my cats but out of sight for me. Win-win!" — Kayla Kitts, Managing Editor

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"As a multiple-dog owner, I need easy access to dog treats at all times. Rather than stashing the not-so-attractive plastic packages around the house, I keep cute treat jars in the kitchen and living room. It looks tidier and still keeps the treats fresh, thanks to an airtight silicone rim." — Shannon Petrie, Managing Editor

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"Plastic kids' toys all over the house are a thing of the past with this compartmented toy organizer. It doesn't fully hide the toys, but it keeps them somewhat organized and contained in my son's bedroom. Plus, it makes cleanup a breeze every night with everything in its place." — Kayla Kitts, Managing Editor

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"I still own a bunch of DVDs and CDs but don't necessarily want them on display in my home. I love this entertainment center from Ikea because it's modern with plenty of hidden storage. The metal mesh doors keep everything concealed while still allowing signals to your TV equipment." — Kayla Kitts, Managing Editor

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