18 Ways to Organize Your Home With Baskets

Discover the brilliance of baskets.

Most peoples’ organizing strategy goes like this: 1. Discover things that need to be organized. 2. Buy containers to organize said things. My strategy, on the other hand, goes more like this: 1. Buy every cute basket I come across. 2. Find things to put in said baskets. But — I must say — of all my decor obsessions, baskets are by far the most practical. They’re generally inexpensive and fantastic for organizing every last room in your home. If you tire of your living room basket, you can switch it with your bathroom basket for a breath of fresh air. Ingenuity at its finest, folks. Read on to see how to use them in every room.


Handy Towels

Blue and White Bathroom

Blue and White Bathroom With Basket

A basket is a smart place to stash extra towels in a bathroom with not a lot of storage. White tiles on the wall and floor visually brighten and lighten the space.

Photo by: Jared Kuzia Photography

Jared Kuzia Photography

Especially if your bathroom lacks cabinet space, finding a spot to store clean towels is a must. Enter, the basket. Roll your towels for a casual feel (and to help them fit in a round basket).

Toilet Paper Storage

Locker Basket Wall Storage

Locker Basket Wall Storage

Storage is always an issue in small bathrooms. This quick and easy storage idea will solve that problem in no time flat!

Photo by: Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors

Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors

Who knew toilet paper could serve as wall decor? Find out how to copy this genius storage idea here.

Under-Counter Organization

Contemporary White Bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom With Floating White Marble Vanity and Black Hexagonal Tile Floor

The floating white marble vanity includes two sinks and attached drawers underneath for built in storage space. Black hexagon tiles create a sharp contrast to the white surroundings. Wicker baskets add a nice texture and provide extra organized storage.

Photo by: Breeze Giannasio

Breeze Giannasio

Have space under your bathroom counter or cabinet? Find baskets that fit neatly into the unused nook. Store anything from extra soap to extra linens to keep your bathroom organized.


Blanket + Pillow Storage

Basket With Throw and Pillow

Basket With White Throw and Pillow

Corral clutter (or extra pillows) with rustic charm in a woven basket.

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography

John Woodcock Photography

During the cooler months, extra blankets and pillows are crucial for cozy nights snuggled up by the fire. Instead of overloading your sofa, buy a large basket to store them. 

Book Nook

metal basket

Metallic Basket

Baskets of any kind are a great way to corral clutter, but a stylish metal basket offers a little more interest and keep items visible.

Photo by: Red Arrow Industries

Red Arrow Industries

If the only place a built-in bookcase exists is in your daydreams, opt for a wire basket filled with your very favorite reads, instead. 

Firewood Storage

Basket With Fireplace Logs

Wire Basket With Fireplace Logs

A simple black wire baskets holds fireplace logs in the living room.

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Chances are, you can find a wire basket much cheaper than an actual firewood holder. Bonus points if your firewood is this tidy.

Kids' Corner

Stylish Storage Baskets for Living Room Clutter

Living Room With Stylish Storage Baskets

Beautiful baskets in bright prints or unique textures do a great job corralling toys and extra blankets, but they’re also a great way to add decor to a small space without cluttering up a room.

©Jodi McKee

Jodi McKee

The living room is a central gathering spot, so whether you intend for them to or not, your kids' things will probably find their way into your living space. Instead of incessantly moving every item to its proper room, designate a pretty living room basket for their favorite toys and books.

Shelfie-Worthy Organization

Modern Living Room With Floating Media Center & Shelves With Baskets

Basket Storage in Mod Living Room

Nine woven baskets line the built-in living room shelves to store blankets and other accessories and keep the space organized and clutter-free.

Photo by: Regan Baker Design Inc.

Regan Baker Design Inc.

If your stuff-to-storage ratio is a bit off, consider lining living room shelves with matching baskets. Give each basket a specific purpose to help stay organized.


Small-Space Solution

metal basket

Copper Basket

A simple, inexpensive copper basket used to store glasses is surprisingly fresh and stylish when combined with other copper accents.

Photo by: Red Arrow Industries

Red Arrow Industries

Kitchen cabinet shortage? Adorable wire baskets to the rescue.

Root Vegetable Storage

Stacking Wire Baskets in Pantry

Stacking Wire Baskets in Pantry

The humble wire basket gets a modern upgrade with these Bronze York Open Stack Baskets from The Container Store. Storing onions, potatoes, squash and more, these bulk bins also stack so you can maximize space inside the pantry.

Photo by: The Container Store

The Container Store

Store potatoes and onions in wire baskets in your pantry or in a cabinet to maximize their freshness. The open basket will keep the root vegetables dry, and a cabinet or a pantry provides a cool, dark environment.

Pantry Organization

Labeled Baskets in Pantry

Labeled Baskets in Pantry

Gathering like items guarantees you’ll be able to find what you need, advise the organizing pros behind Neat Method. Start with basic groups like baking, breakfast, grains and snacks.

Photo by: Michelle Drewes, MichelleDrewes.com

Michelle Drewes, MichelleDrewes.com

Speaking of the pantry, try organizing it with baskets. By separating your dry goods into groups, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your supply and locate items faster.

Ready-to-Roll Craft Supplies

Smart Home 2016 Pantry Shelves With Storage Containers for Crafts

Accessible Storage

Wire baskets and glass canisters keep craft supplies and dry goods within easy reach.

Photo by: Robert Peterson/Rustic White Photography ©2016, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Robert Peterson/Rustic White Photography, 2016, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

If you don’t have a designated craft room, you likely keep craft supplies in your kitchen. Organize those supplies in baskets so they’re easy to find and carry to a workstation when you’re ready to craft.


Sports Gear Organization

Rustic Wire Basket With Baseballs

Rustic Wire Basket With Baseballs

Wire baskets, like this one in the HGTV Smart Home 2014 kids' bedroom, are a terrific way to organize shelves, providing rustic storage for displaying baseballs and sports equipment.

Photo by: Eric Perry ©2014, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Eric Perry, 2014, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Buy several baskets to store and organize your little one’s sports gear. That way, they can easily find and put away their own equipment.

Stuffed Animal Digs

Girl's Room With Wire Baskets

Pink Contemporary Girl's Room With Wire Baskets

The brass curtain rod and wicker hanging chair bring out the warm tones in this bedroom's pink palette. Pretty wire baskets neatly corral stuffed friends.

Photo by: Tessa Neustadt

Tessa Neustadt

All those fluffy stuffed animals need a home, too. Opt for a wire basket (or two) that corrals them while still showing their sweet faces.

Diaper Storage

Wire Basket Diaper Holder

Wire Basket Diaper Holder in Nursery

A teddy bear sits in a wire basket turned diaper holder in the newly renovated nursery in the Barrett home.

From: Fixer Upper

A basket keeps diapers within reach without creating an eyesore. 

Laundry Lockdown

Nursery With Striped Throw

Contemporary Nursery With Striped Throw

Baby's room is filled with simple, beautiful pieces like the carved wood crib, toe-tickling shag rug and for storage, a large basket with handles and a lid. Pastel shapes make a pretty gallery wall.

Photo by: Amy Bartlam

Amy Bartlam

Who said the baby doesn’t need a laundry hamper? Keep those dirty onesies in one spot with a pretty basket.


Laundry System

Metal Laundry Basket with White Towels

Metal Laundry Basket

A metal basket holds clean towels in the laundry room, as seen on HGTV's Fixer Upper. (detail)

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Sarah Wilson / Getty Images

Sarah Wilson / Getty Images

Streamline your laundry system with baskets where the kids can pick up clean linens or clothes.

Mudroom Organization

Mudroom With Gray Shelf

Mudroom With Gray Shelving

To transform a blank wall next to the family entrance of this Southern traditional house in Atlanta, designers created a sleek, sophisticated spot to keep everyday items neatly contained. The bench also offers up a comfy spot to sit, put on or take off shoes.

Photo by: Rustic White Photography

Rustic White Photography

A mudroom loses its functionality when not properly organized. And, ICYMI, you should organize with baskets.

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