Coming Soon: Plug-and-Play

"The vision ... is to make PV systems similar to an appliance ..."
Within Reach

Getting Started With DIY Solar Power

Thinking about cutting costs by installing solar panels yourself? Find out what you can tackle on your own.

Can I Afford It? How Do I Start?

Short Answer: Yes You Can

The price of a home PV system has dropped by almost 50% since 2010 and financial incentives abound.

Start Off Small

Pool pumps, generators, security lights and attic fans are a few of the things you can utilize that make a difference.

Use the Sun's Energy in Your Home

Even on cloudy days, you can use energy from the sun to help warm your home, heat your water, and even provide electricity.

Residential Solar Energy Trend

Homeowners gain revenue by using recent trends in residential solar energy.

Solar Power Tips and Advice

Before Going Solar

Follow these simple steps to get the best results from your system.

Know Your Options

Solar energy has many uses, from powering homes to heating pools.

Not Into Bulky Panels?

There are alternatives designed to blend in with your home's architecture.

Real Stories

Hear from homeowners who are harnessing power from the sun.