These Are the 10 Best Steam Cleaners on Amazon

Amazon reviewers are pretty passionate about their steam cleaners, and we're listening to every word. Here are our 10 favorite steam cleaners that all got stellar reviews from buyers.

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September 11, 2019

If you're looking for a robust handheld steam cleaner, this little guy might be perfect for you. It has a quick, three-minute warm-up time, as well as a nine-piece accessory kit. It also works on a wide variety of surfaces including ceramic tile, granite, waterproof wood flooring, laminate, most cotton and wool carpets, and even washable wallpaper.

RAVE REVIEW: "It's so easy to use in all places in the house...not just in the kitchen!"

BUY IT: Amazon, $34.99

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Here's another all-in-one steam mop that Amazon reviewers are going gaga over. This budget-friendly option cleans pretty much everything in your home or apartment: glass, sealed stone, hardwood floors, stainless steel, sealed bathroom tile and grout, garments and upholstery.

RAVE REVIEW: "I love this steamer! I bought it to clean dirty spots behind and under appliances like refrigerators and ovens."

BUY IT: Amazon, $65.99

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The unique triangular design of this steam mop's head allows you to deep-clean your home's corners and hard-to-reach spots. It also includes a detachable handheld steamer with a scrub brush that helps you tackle sinks, stovetops, countertops and tiles in your bathroom.

RAVE REVIEW: "The corner design is really nice; it's great for getting that hard-to-reach dust that you can't pick up with a vacuum."

BUY IT: Amazon, $69.99

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If you're looking for a steamer that also helps you keep your home smelling magical, meet the Powerfresh Delux. This little stick steamer includes a unique feature that allows you to insert a fragrance disc to release a yummy scent while you clean. You can even pair the discs with Bissell's scent waters to really amp up the fragrance factor. A 25-foot cord means you can cover a lot of ground, and the water reservoir is super easy to fill.

RAVE REVIEW: "I actually feel legitimate love for this inanimate object. I have steam-cleaned my entire house in the last 24 hours, and I cannot believe how dirty everything actually was!!"

BUY IT: Amazon, $89

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This brightly-colored steamer comes with a dual-tank and 17 accessories to tackle every job you can imagine. It works on multiple types of surfaces so it can combat floors, windows and carpet with no problems. The dual tank means you're not constantly refilling the water. It also works as a garment steamer so you can roll it right into your master closet.

RAVE REVIEW: "I can't recommend this little steamer enough! Simply for how effective it is and how easy to use."

BUY IT: Amazon, $95.99

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This canister steamer allows you to do 100-percent chemical-free cleaning in your home and across a variety of surfaces. Fifteen handy accessories come with it, including a corner tool, scrub tool and extension wands so you can tackle almost any cleaning challenge in your home with ease.

RAVE REVIEW: "The performance on this steamer is what I was hoping for. I was not disappointed!"

BUY IT: Amazon, $105.99

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Here's a powerful, little steam cleaner that comes with a bunch of cool options: carpet cleaning/steaming or our personal favorite, the dog-bathing power bundle. The dog-bathing attachment allows you to turn almost any room in your home into a quasi-groomer facility with very little mess. Best of all, you use way less water, too. An 80-pound dog can be bathed with 48 ounces of water using this steamer, whereas a bath in your tub would use up to 19 gallons.

RAVE REVIEW: "Overall, the Little Green has impressed me with its effectiveness and ease of use. It's small enough to store it easily and doesn't feel like a big chore to pull it out and get it set up."

BUY IT: Amazon, $107

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If you love a good multi-functional steamer, this baby is right up your alley. This steamer works as a traditional steam mop but also throws in a garment steamer and a furniture fabric refresher. It will work great on either laminate, tile or wood floors, and it eliminates 99.9-percent of the germs and bacteria in your home.

RAVE REVIEW: "It works so well on wood, tile and that pesky laminate flooring that it feels impossible to clean without breaking a sweat!"

BUY IT: Amazon, $119.99

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It might look like a giant plug for your iPhone, but it's actually a heavy-duty steam cleaner. It seems heavy and cumbersome, but it's actually lighter and more portable than you might think. It also has an extra-long cord for reaching any out-of-the-way spots.

RAVE REVIEW: "This is one of those rare products that are worth a lot more than the retail price."

BUY IT: Amazon, $149.78

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Here we have the Rolls Royce of all steam cleaners. If you're steam cleaner-obsessed and ready to make a substantial investment, this all-in-one cleaner is a perfect pick. This steamer will work continuously for up to 50 minutes without needing to refill its tank, and temperatures go up to 300 degrees. It comes with every type of accessory and attachment you might need and works on pretty much all surfaces (even the inside of your car).

RAVE REVIEW: "I absolutely love this steamer. The bristle material on the steam head in conjunction with the pressure really breaks up dirt/residue on the floor for optimal cleaning."

BUY IT: Amazon, $549

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