Self-Adhesive Backsplashes

Get all the info you'll need on self-adhesive backsplashes, and prepare to add an easy-to-install, efficient and attractive backsplash in your home.


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Whether it's time for a new backsplash or the radical re-facing of an existing one, any homeowner in search of an efficient and easy-to-install option should explore self-adhesive backsplashes.

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Kitchen Backsplashes

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All-in-one self-adhesive backsplash kits generally eliminate the need for labor-intensive cutting, sizing and configuring of backsplash tiles and other materials, and they offer the added benefit of a simple adhesive to secure them to your kitchen's walls. For a quick project to update your kitchen design, a self-adhesive backsplash kit can be the perfect choice.

If you've decided to install a self-adhesive backsplash, your next step will be to determine which materials you'll incorporate into your design. Styles run the gamut, from ceramic and mosaic tile designs to laminate and faux metal. The style you settle on will ultimately be decided by a combination of your personal design aesthetic, your budget, and the overall kitchen design you're attempting to achieve. For a bold design that creates great visual interest, you might opt for mosaic tile in a multi-colored pattern, whereas if you're going for a more high-end, historical look, faux-metal in a punched-tin pattern may be a great choice.

When you've determined the material you want to use for your self-adhesive backsplash, it's time to figure out how much of it you'll need. This can be accomplished simply, by measuring the surface area of the kitchen walls you want to cover with your backsplash. Some homeowners choose to cover the entire area between their countertops and cabinets, others cover only a portion, and still others look to create a striking design with a backsplash that stretches from countertops to ceiling. When you've decided on the amount of backsplash that's right for your kitchen design, calculate the square footage to determine how much self-adhesive backsplash material to purchase.

When it comes to sourcing your self-adhesive backsplash, you'll have several options. Most home improvement stores sell self-adhesive backsplash kits, some of which come with tile already stuck to sheet of adhesive backing; others will allow you to arrange separate sets of tiles on the sticky surface in whatever way you see fit. You can also find these kits at tile specialty stores or from any of a number of online retailers.

Whichever style of self-adhesive backsplash you choose, once you've got it handy, it's time to install your new backsplash. In general, self-adhesive backsplashes are simple to install, but you will need to do a bit of wall preparation prior to installing your new backsplash. It's recommended to clean plaster or drywall with warm, soapy water, let it dry, then repair any cracks or holes and let them dry before you begin applying the self-adhesive backsplash to the walls. Once your walls are prepped, however, the process of applying the self-adhesive backsplash should be as simple as peeling the protective backing away, then gently, carefully and precisely attaching the backsplash to the wall surface.

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