15 Bubbly Ideas for Your NYE Party

Say hello to balloons and bubbles and goodbye to last year's troubles.

I hope you’ve had time for a quick breather from the holiday hoopla, because it’s time to start prepping for your NYE bash. Usually, I’m all about brilliant baubles and glamorous glitter, but this year I’m feeling something a bit more buoyant. I’d like to welcome the New Year with fresh optimism and enthusiasm. How do I plan on making a party feel optimistic and enthusiastic, you ask? All things balloons and bubbles. Read on for all the bubbly details.

DIY Gilded Balloons

Gold-Dipped Balloons

Gold-Dipped Balloons

Liquid gold leaf can make just about anything look glamorous — including ordinary balloons. Let these gilded beauties float around your reception to add some sparkle to the atmosphere. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of this DIY.

Photo by: Mary Costa Photography , Project By: Studio DIY for Balloon Time

Can’t totally say goodbye to gold? That’s perfectly fine — just gild your balloons. Liquid gold leaf will add the perfect shine to your floating party decor.

Hanging Balloon Garlands

Floral Balloon Tails

Floral Balloon Tails

Lend a little whimsy to your big day with floating florals. Greenery and baby’s breath attach to balloon strings to make these hanging garlands. For a sparkly touch, buy confetti-filled balloons.

Photo by: Little Miss Party , Project By: Little Miss Party for Balloon Time

If you’re going for something soft and whimsical, add greenery to your balloon strings. Just a few floating florals will make a major visual impact.

Simple Solids



Solid-colored floating balloons will definitely do the trick if you’re trying to keep it simple. Go with white, black or metallic balloons to ensure a grown-up look.

Focal Wall

Dessert Buffet

Dessert Buffet

Create visual interest above the self-serve dessert buffet by sticking rows of metallic balloons and colorful buntings above the table. Tip: Keep the rows of balloons a few inches above the tallest item on the table.

Create a bubble-inspired focal wall above your food or drink station by taping balloons to the wall. Stick with one color to achieve a cohesive design.

Balloon Photo Booth

No party’s complete without a photo booth. Make your own — with balloons, of course. Guests will remember your balloon-tacular party for years to come.

Confetti Balloon Disco Ball

Craft a confetti-filled disco ball balloon to pop at midnight. That’s how you end a party with a bang.

Salmon Lollipops

Salmon Lollipops

Salmon Lollipops

Three ingredients are all you need to make these party-perfect appetizers. Simply cover balls of cream cheese in salmon and sprinkle with chives to create irresistible and savory hand-held treats. Get the recipe.

For the food, think bite-sized appetizers and snacks, so guests can mingle and munch. And it wouldn’t hurt if your food resembled balloons and bubbles, either. Start with these tasty, protein-packed salmon pops, which just so happen to look like pretty pink balloons.

Rosemary Skewered Meatballs

Holiday Food Upgrades

Holiday Food Upgrades

Upgrade store bought foods for the holidays

Photo by: Sam Henderson

Sam Henderson

Meatball shot, anyone? These adorable meatball apps are sure to keep guests satisfied. To make them, cook frozen meatballs in two tablespoons of fresh rosemary. For the dipping sauce, combine 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1/2 cup non-fat Greek yogurt, three cloves grated garlic, salt and a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce. Make skewers with a fresh rosemary stem and three meatballs.

Parmesan Spinach Balls

Parmesan Spinach Balls

Parmesan Spinach Balls

To create these yummy spinach balls, combine bread crumbs, parmesan, eggs and butter. Mix and roll together, then bake in an oven and serve with a gourmet mustard.

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

Give your health-conscious friends something to snack on — spinach baubles. These delicious Parmesan spinach balls are spinach dip’s crunchy counterpart.

Mini Cheese Balls

Photo by: Liz Gray

Liz Gray

Arrange these super-cute mini cheese balls to look like — you guessed it — a bunch of balloons. Don’t count on leftovers; I guarantee these will be a hit.

Pink Champagne Truffles

Pink Champagne Truffles

Pink Champagne Truffles

Make your wedding toast even sweeter with pink champagne truffles. Display them in foil candy wrappers for extra eye appeal.

Don’t forget dessert! Serve these pretty pink truffles in a champagne flute for a bubble-inspired display.

Champagne Jelly Shots

Serve your pink champagne truffles with pink-rimmed champagne jelly shots for a fun, festive pairing.

Mini Bubbles



Do you prefer to drink champagne in its most basic form? If so, simply offer your guests mini bottles of champagne. Attach a decorative straw for a festive touch.

Bubbly Cookies

If you’re going the simple route with single-serve champagne bottles, pair them with these ridiculously adorable cookies.

Count Down + Pop Bubbly With Us

Last but not least, count down the last 30 seconds of the year with your friends at HGTV. And of course, pop that bubbly!

How to Upcycle Christmas Decor for Your NYE Party

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Upcycle for NYE

After every Christmas, we all have to clear out the holiday decor as we get ready for a new year. This year, don't let all the baubles and lights go to waste. Instead, upcycle your favorite Christmas decorations and throw one more party during New Year's Eve.

Decorate With Christmas Trimmings

You already have everything you need to throw a great party. Wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift tags can all be recycled to bring a chic, stylish accent to your New Year's Eve event.

A Classic Color Palette

To stretch your Christmas trimmings beyond December 25th, choose gift wrap and accessories in a timeless color palette. For this New Year's Eve party, silvers, golds, blacks and whites bring modern neutrals and metallics together with the traditional colors of the season.

Don't Forget the Balloons

While upcycling your Christmas items is a great place to start, keep the party atmosphere going by adding the classic standards of a New Year's Eve party. Bring in fun pieces like party hats and balloons for the perfect party feel.

Wrapping Paper Tablecloth

After the Christmas presents have been wrapped, be sure to hold on to any extra wrapping paper. With the right paper and a little ingenuity, you have all the ingredients for a unique and attractive tablescape. For this New Year's gathering, glittering gold wrapping paper covers the table in lieu of a tablecloth.

Small Dessert, Big Flavor

Once you've set the table, it's time to adorn it with sweets and colorful decor. Small tarts and pies complete the beautiful tabletop display.

Pink Rose Centepiece

At any party, the right pop of color makes all the difference. Set the table with a gorgeous bouquet of brightly-hued pink roses to set against the black, white and metallic color scheme.

Gift Tag Place Cards

Let your holiday gift tags serve double duty this season, and use them as place cards for your New Year's Eve table. Tie the cards with metallic ribbon, and write each guest's name for a great alternative to traditional place cards.

Ornament Place Setting

What are the holidays without lights and baubles? Keep your vintage Christmas ornaments around this year as place settings for your table decor. Here, each salad plate was topped with a silver ornament, and white string lights make an unexpected runner for the table.

A Bar Area That Dazzles

Make your bar area center of attention. Recycle sparkling gift boxes and colorful baubles to spruce up your bar display. Mix in metallics for an extra touch.

Serving Tray Embellishment

To keep the glitter party theme going, look no further than the tissue paper you wrapped your Christmas gifts in. Use tissue paper embossed with gold flecks, and cut into smaller rectangular pieces to line serving trays.

Miniature Champagne Bottles

To incorporate the traditional black-and-white and metallic color palette in unexpected ways, tie black-and-white paper straws to miniature champagne bottles with metallic gift wrapping twine.

Photo By: Jeanine Hays

Turn Up the Music

Music is the final touch for the bar area. For a vintage feel, break out the record player and play your favorite classics.

Photo By: Jeanine Hays

Wrapping Paper Photo Backdrop

Create your own colorful backdrop for a photo booth using big sheets of Christmas wrapping paper. To create this look, place four sheets together and apply to the wall with double stick tape.

Gift Bow Centerpiece

Giant, oversized gift bows are one of the most versatile pieces that you can upcycle. Not only do they keep the holiday feeling alive while you ring in the New Year, but they can also work in many different places. Pair them with other recycled Christmas decor to create festive centerpieces, or use them as props for your photo booth. Tie big bows to headbands to create a festive holiday fashion accessory.

Tissue Paper Confetti

Use Christmas tissue paper to create confetti for a budget-friendly way to ring in the New Year. To make, place a variety of colorful sheets together, and cut them into small squares. Pass out handfuls to guests for them to toss at the stroke of midnight.

Ring in the New Year

Once the setting is complete, you're ready to have your best New Year's Eve party. Encourage guests to get playful in the photo booth for the perfect picture. Pop the champagne, grab some balloons and blow the confetti at midnight.

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