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Host a New Year's Eve Party Using Upcycled Christmas Decor

Designing sisters, Jeanine Hays and Angela Belt, share their tips for throwing a bright and colorful New Year's Eve party by upcycling Christmas decor.

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Upcycle for NYE

After every Christmas, we all have to clear out the holiday decor as we get ready for a new year. This year, don't let all the baubles and lights go to waste. Instead, upcycle your favorite Christmas decorations and throw one more party during New Year's Eve.

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Decorate With Christmas Trimmings

You already have everything you need to throw a great party. Wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift tags can all be recycled to bring a chic, stylish accent to your New Year's Eve event.

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A Classic Color Palette

To stretch your Christmas trimmings beyond December 25th, choose gift wrap and accessories in a timeless color palette. For this New Year's Eve party, silvers, golds, blacks and whites bring modern neutrals and metallics together with the traditional colors of the season.

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Don't Forget the Balloons

While upcycling your Christmas items is a great place to start, keep the party atmosphere going by adding the classic standards of a New Year's Eve party. Bring in fun pieces like party hats and balloons for the perfect party feel.

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