DIY Trash Pumpkin: Turn Your Garbage Into This Unique Farmhouse-Style Decoration

This pumpkin is giving major cottagecore and farmhouse vibes, but it’s actually made from your trash! Save a plastic bag from the landfill and turn it into this rustic Halloween or Thanksgiving DIY trash pumpkin.

DIY Trash Pumpkin

Set out for display

Place on your Halloween mantle or Thanksgiving table for a farmhouse vibe that no one will believe was made from your trash.

You know the old saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure." That sentiment couldn't be any more accurate when putting together this unique and creative Halloween or Thanksgiving decoration. Use your garbage (and a few more supplies) to make this one-of-a-kind DIY trash pumpkin.

DIY Trash Pumpkin
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Materials + Tools

  • plastic shopping bag
  • newspaper
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • twine
  • paper mache pulp
  • water
  • bowl
  • cream paint
  • taupe paint
  • paintbrush
  • foam brush
  • damp cloth

Fill Up a Bag

Fill a plastic shopping bag with crumpled up newspaper and tie the handles into a knot.

getting started on your DIY trash pumpkin

Full up a bag

Fill a plastic shopping bag with crumpled up newspaper and tie the handles into a knot.

Tape the Stem

Pull the handles up and wrap them with masking tape (Image 1). Cut off the top with scissors (Image 2).

Wrap the Sections

Wrap twine around the bag, pulling it tight to give the bag ribbed sections, like a pumpkin (Image 1 + 2). Tie the ends of the twine so it’s secure (Image 3).

Prepare Paper Mache

Scoop some paper mache pulp into a bowl and add water (Image 1). Mix together until the paper mache sticks to itself and you can form shapes (Image 2).

Cover the Pumpkin Top

Working in small sections, form the paper mache onto the pumpkin (Image 1). Cover the top half of the pumpkin, saving the stem until last so you can use it to turn the pumpkin around (Image 2). Be sure to mold the paper mache into the ridges to keep the pumpkin shape. Set aside to let dry completely, which could take a full day or two (Image 3).

Cover the Pumpkin Bottom

Once dry, place the pumpkin upside down in a bowl (Image 1). Add paper mache to the bottom, and let dry completely again (Image 2 + 3).

Start Painting

Paint the pumpkin cream and the stem taupe (Image 1 + 2). Use the same taupe paint diluted with water to accent the ridges (Image 3 + 4). Dab it on with a foam brush and use a damp cloth to soften the edges (Image 5). Let the paint dry completely (Image 6).

Set Out for Display

Place on your Halloween mantel or Thanksgiving table for a farmhouse vibe that no one will believe was made from your trash.

Cream-colored pumpkin on a dinner table

Set out for display

Place on your Halloween mantle or Thanksgiving table for a farmhouse vibe that no one will believe was made from your trash.

Gunnarolla Vs. Trash Pumpkin
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