Make Carrot Decor Using Trash

Dress up your house for Easter by making these carrots made from newspaper and dyed twine.

DIY Trash Carrot Door Decor for Spring 04:29

Decorate your door this Easter with twine carrots made from newspaper and twine. For a fun craft project to celebrate spring, upcycle old newspapers by wrapping with dyed twine. Add some faux greenery and you've created a trash to treasure door hanger.

These carrots may not be safe for the Easter Bunny to eat, but they make cute spring decor.

DIY Trash Carrots

DIY Trash Carrots

Make this adorable seasonal spring or Easter decor using dyed twine and newspaper.

What You'll Need:

  • (6) yards twine
  • (2) glass containers
  • dish soap
  • stirring stick
  • orange dye
  • gloves
  • newspaper
  • scissors
  • faux greenery
  • rubber bands
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • floral wire
  • ribbon or twine

Step 1: Soak Twine

Soak the twine in room temperature water in one jar, and mix boiling water and a few drops dish soap in a separate jar. Stir the mixture gently to prevent bubbles, add dye and stir. Tip: The dish soap helps absorb the dye evenly.

Step 2: Dye Twine

Remove the soaked twine from the water, and wring it out. Place it in the dye mixture. Soak the twine until you reach your desired color or about 45 minutes. The longer you soak, the darker the color turns out.

Step 3: Wring Out and Dry

Remove the twine, and wring it out. Lay it flat to dry on a protected surface. Make sure the twine doesn't touch itself.

Step 4: Twist and Shape

Twist newspaper into a carrot shape.

Step 5: Wrap Twine

Use a rubber band to tie faux greenery tightly to the top of the carrot. Tie a rubber band in the middle of the carrot to keep its shape. Tie the end of the dyed twine to the top of the carrot. Wrap the twine around, using a glue gun to secure into place, and continue all the way down. Cut off excess twine, and secure the last bit with glue. Repeat steps for all carrots.

Step 6: Arrange Carrots

Use floral wire to tie carrots together. Embellish with twine or ribbon, and hang.

DIY Trash Carrots

DIY Trash Carrots

Make this adorable door decor for Easter or spring using dyed twine and newspaper.

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