Celebrate Autumn With Fall's Best Porches and Patios

Check out these inviting fall-inspired porch and patio spaces.

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Photo By: Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Ball Horticultural Company

Photo By: Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Image courtesy of Adam K. Thompson

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Barron Custom Design, LLC

Have Fall at Your Doorstep

Create a welcoming entry for guests with a display of fall-themed items around your front door. Traditional favorites like pumpkins and bales of hay, layered with mums in rustic wooden baskets, create a color theme of orange and tan, with an emphasis on natural elements. Add visual interest by varying the pumpkin sizes and shapes.

Add Impact With Bold Seasonal Colors

Bold pops of color from seasonal flowers and fruits can create an impact, like in this charming patio area. Bright mums bring life to the fall setting, while a simple bowl of fresh cranberries adds that deep red color synonymous with autumn. When entertaining, incorporate these elements into the tablescape and menu, like making a signature drink, to create a cohesive and stunning fall get-together.

Creating Cozy Seating Arrangements

When setting up porch furniture, arrange seating with conversation in mind. Pairs, trios and quartets invite gatherings whereas single pieces randomly arranged aren't as conducive to those memorable rocking chair chats.

Nostalgic Comfort

Rocking chairs add simplicity and nostalgia to this porch, urging you to sit down and enjoy the autumn weather. Fall colors are brought in with seasonal plants, while extra comfort is added with a simple white porch swing. Decorative pillows add the final touch to this cozy porch, inviting you to take a minute to relax. 

Use Pumpkins for Pop

Add pops of color to your yard by placing small groups of pumpkins wherever you'd like to add a fall touch. The bright orange contrasts beautifully against the background of tall green and gold grasses. Spreading pops of fall color around the yard is a great way to carry your fall decorating beyond the porch or patio.

Fall Can Be Trendy

Fall doesn't have to have the traditional, muted feel we are used to. A funky, young fall touch is added to this outdoor space by mixing strong pops of orange with contemporary furnishings. The bright lanterns are a playful way to add lighting, while the bright orange pillows are an easy way to incorporate a new color with each season. A fun screen completes the look, making this autumn patio feel like a destination.

Choose a Color Story

Forest-green paint, pops of cranberry red and cozy creature comforts turn a bland porch into a warm and welcoming spot just in time for fall.

You Can't Go Wrong With This Palette

Celebrate autumn by pairing a jack o’lantern and a pot brimming with classic fall colors: orange and black.

Let Autumn Add the Color

With so many trees changing color dramatically, sometimes less is more when decorating for fall. Simple accessories like topiaries and a bowl of apples can add just enough decor, while you prepare for the natural beauty of the autumn environment to come through. In this photo from HGTV Green Home 2010, the accessories complement a simple yet sophisticated wooden patio set, perfect for entertaining on crisp fall evenings.

Add Color With Furniture

Splashes of color add a touch of fun to this fall-inspired front porch. Four different-colored Adirondack chairs invite you to take a moment to relax on those cool autumn nights. The look is completed by orange and yellow fall flowers.

Change Your Furniture for Fall

Refresh wicker chairs for fall by adding a coat of paint in a rich autumn-inspired color. These wicker chairs from HGTV Green Home 2010 have a warm, rusty red color, balanced by neutral pillows and cushions. Different-style wicker chairs can be united by color, making them feel like they truly belong together. For a low-cost option, spend some time at flea markets and yard sales to find unique, mismatched pieces, and then paint them all to match.

Porch Swing

If you have the space to hang one, a porch swing is a farmhouse porch must! Nothing says sit and stay a while quite like a porch swing cozied up with some pillows.

Pile on the plush

Load up on soft, fuzzy pillows for comfort.

Offer Up Blankets

Have plenty of throw blankets handy to take the chill off as the sun goes down.

Cozy House Numbers

Guide guests the warm and cozy way — with a decorative house number pillow. You can use stencils and outdoor spray paint to create this cute display in a matter of hours.

A Perfect Pair

Pumpkins and chrysanthemums are a natural pair when it comes to fall decor. A row of mums in a single, contrasting color alongside a row of pumpkins is a festive way to decorate the pathway to your porch or patio.

Double-Duty Pumpkins

Make your pumpkins multitask by using them as fall planters. Cool-season edibles add color and texture to your front porch decor.

DIY Welcome Mat

Sprucing up your front porch for fall? Get creative with this DIY door mat - it’s fun to make and your design options are endless!

How to Make a Stenciled Fall Welcome Mat

Fall Garland

Display a splash of Autumn color over your front door, around an arch way or draped across a beautiful bench with your own handmade fall garland. Gather some nearby leaves and in a few hours you will have a garland of beautiful reds and yellows!

Easy DIY Fall Wreath

Bring a modern harvest vibe to your front door with a dried corn wreath. Attach corn husks and felted ball stems to a grapevine wreath with colorful yarn.

Rustic Vignette

Wagons, wheelbarrow and antique crates make a great home for seasonal flowers. Place it at the front door to welcome your guests.

Flower Power

For extra pop, place a potted plant or two by the front entrance.

Halloween Home

A spooky entryway is created with simple DIY crafts, including bats cut from black card stock, branches from the yard and raven figurines. A variety of pumpkins and gourds add color and seasonal flare.

Illuminate Your Yard

Warm outdoor lighting brightens your outdoor space during the chilly months.

Add Some Candles

Decorating with candles during the fall season is a hassle-free, budget-friendly way to show your spirit.

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