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Make a Succulent Table

Author Sharon Asakawa turns the tables on overpriced floral design in seven steps.

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Transform Your Space

Turn an ordinary table into an extraordinary outdoor or indoor focal point with the addition of succulents.

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Photo: All images by Shaun Buchanan

Shelf To Tray

Living succulent tables can retail for more than $1,000, but Sharon Asakawa, author of Planting Designs With Cactus & Succulents does it on a dime. “During the assembly process of this simple IKEA table with shelf and glass top, flip over the shelf portion and assemble it upside down to create a tray instead,” she writes. “This will allow for a depth of 2 inches.” 

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Add The Liner

According to Asakawa, a liner "is necessary to hold the soil and plants while still allowing drainage." She suggests a natural fiber coco mat, greenhouse shade cloth or window screen. "Cut the screen about 2 inches wider and longer than the tray," she says.

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Soil Your Plants!

Now's the time to add cactus soil on top of the screen. Make sure it's packed down well. 

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