Make an Herb Drying Rack

Follow these easy steps and you'll be drying your own garden herbs in no time.

Hang your herb drying rack in the kitchen for easy access to home grown herbs long after the growing season ends.

Hang your herb drying rack in the kitchen for easy access to home grown herbs long after the growing season ends.

Hang your herb drying rack in the kitchen for easy access to home grown herbs long after the growing season ends.

Having fresh herbs available through the summer months is a wonderful thing. However, as the cooler months arrive, they limit what you can grow outside. How can you preserve the bounty that exists in your garden today? Consider drying some of your favorite herbs for use later in the year.

This herb drying rack is perfect for stringing up all sorts of herbs and giving them plenty of space for air to circulate around them and do its drying magic. Best of all, we have used an old lampshade frame that—stripped of its covering—makes an interesting addition to your pantry or kitchen.

Herb Drying Rack 01:00

Create a stylish herb drying rack using an old lampshade with this project.


  • An old lampshade
  • Scissors
  • Razor blade
  • Sandpaper
  • Twine
  • Sisal rope
  • Herbs
  • Hook (optional)

The Steps

Use scissors to remove any lampshade fabric that exists. Use the razor blade or craft knife to scrape away any glue. Finally, give the inside and outside of the frame a good sanding with sandpaper. Dust off the frame.

Cut a length of twine twice the distance from the top to the bottom of the frame. Fold the length of twine in half and loop it over the top of the frame.

Gather together a bunch of herbs with the stems about the same length. Tie a knot around the bunch of herbs close to the spot where the leaves begin. With the herbs upside down, begin wrapping the twine around the stems and the part of the twine that leads to the top of the frame. At the end of the stems, tie another knot. Cut away any excess twine with scissors.

Note: If you have the counter space, you may wish to set the shade directly on the counter. By hanging it, you can use the bottom of the shade for more herb bundles, if you wish.

To hang the herb drying rack, simply cut a piece of sisal rope long enough to reach the ceiling from the top of where you want the rack to hang plus 6 inches. Insert one end through the top of the lampshade frame (where a finial would go) and tie a knot below. Screw a hook into the ceiling and tie a knot with the other end over the hook.

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