A Spring Cleaning Guide for Lazy People

Cleaning doesn't top my list of favorite things. Luckily, we've put together the ultimate spring cleaning guide for lazy people (like me!). Minimal effort and big results? Yes, please!

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Stomp Out the Stains

Now is a great time to make your way around your home and see how dirty and/or stained each of your area rugs are. For inexpensive rugs that have seen better days, it might make more sense to simply donate them and start over. However, for pricier area rugs that you want to give a bit of extra love, try removing any pet stains with these easy Stomp 'N Go Pet Stain Lifting Pads. There's no scrubbing required; simply stomp the pads down on your rug and watch as your stains magically disappear. BUY IT: Bissell, $24

A Recipe for Clean

Much like your oven, cleaning out your microwave may not exactly top your "fun" list. But while you're motivated to do some spring cleaning, you may as well get your micro all spiffed up, too. Fill up a microwave-safe bowl with water, lemon slices and a few tablespoons of cleaning vinegar (which is a bit stronger than standard white vinegar). Set your microwave for approximately two minutes or until the water boils and the door looks steamy. Open the door, then simply wipe everything down. The dirt and grime will easily come off the microwave walls. Shazam! BUY IT: Walmart, $3.44

This Fridge Find Has No Expiration Date

If you haven't cleaned out your fridge in awhile, now is the time. Throw out any food or produce past its expiration date, and ditch all the crusty leftovers. Empty out your fridge and clean it up shelf by shelf. After it's all sparkly and clean, you may want to get yourself a few fridge shelf liners. The next time you tackle a fridge clean-up, you can take out all the liners and throw them in the dishwasher. You're practically done before you start. BUY IT: Container Store, $4.49

Goodbye, Dirty Dishwasher

We often forget that the appliances that help us keep our home clean every day also need to be cleaned themselves. Our dishwashers are exhibit A. While you've got the cleaning bug, it's time to tackle cleaning your dishwasher. But it's way easier than you think. Simply toss in a dishwasher cleaner pod. Much like the detergent pods you might already be using, this one is specially formulated to deep clean your dishwasher. Create a recurring appointment on your calendar so you get a reminder each month to keep it up. BUY IT: Amazon, $6.47

Pet Hair? Don't Care...

There are lots of tricks for cleaning up pet hair around your home. One of our favorite (and easiest!) hacks is to put on a pair of rubber kitchen gloves and wipe off upholstered furniture. After you clean up your sofas and chairs, you can keep the momentum going and do a sink full of dishes. Our favorite rubber gloves are a heavy-duty pair in a bright color. BUY IT: Williams Sonoma, $12.95

Give Stuffed Animals a Bath

Spring cleaning is also a great time to tackle your kids' toys. Allergens and germs love your kiddo's plush animals, so it's important to keep them clean. Get a large mesh laundry bag (which might be labeled for use with sweaters or other delicates) and fill it with smaller stuffed animals and toys. You can then throw the mesh bag into your washing machine (on the delicate cycle) and either air dry or put them in your dryer on low heat. From here on in, try to wash your toys at least once a month or immediately after any kids are sick. BUY IT: Amazon, $9.99

You May Actually Like Cleaning Your Oven

The bad news? You're going to need to give your oven a deep scrub during your spring-cleaning adventures. But the good news is that from here on in, cleaning your oven is going to be a breeze. After you get all the gunk out, use oven liners to ensure that the debris stays away for good. This reusable nonstick liner can be placed on the lower rack of your oven to catch all the spills and splatters before they hit. Simply wipe off the liner after you're finished cooking, and you can use it again and again. BUY IT: Bed, Bath & Beyond, $9.99

Stop Stainless Steel Smudges

We've tested a variety of stainless steel cleaners and a lot of them simply don't work. As beautiful as stainless steel appliances might look in your kitchen, they get dirty quick. Our favorite way to keep stainless steel clean is with stainless steel wipes. You can use them on your fridge, oven, dishwasher or any other smaller stainless steel appliances you might have. Keep them handy in your kitchen so you can always grab them whenever you see a new collection of smudges. BUY IT: Target, $3.59

Do You Believe in Magic?...

...Because you will as soon as you try using a Magic Eraser on your walls. Cleaning your walls is probably not something you spend a lot of time on during the rest of the year, but they can get pretty beat up with an active family running around. This handy sponge can take care of scuffs, marks and dirt and make it all disappear in a flash. Walk around your house with one of these amazing little sponges and make your walls look gleaming and bright again. BUY IT: Walmart, $2.67

Robot Vacuums FTW

Stick, cordless, pet hair, no filter -- we can't keep track of how many different types of vacuums there are. But for all the lazy cleaners out there, the only kind of vacuum you need is a robot vacuum. The Shark Ion Robot Vacuum can actually be controlled with an app on your phone or through voice commands. Send it out in your home and let it go to work on autopilot, keeping your floors and rugs clean. Smart sensor navigation means it does a great job of avoiding obstacles around your house, so you can basically sit down and relax while your whole house gets cleaned. BUY IT: Home Depot, $349