Here's to You, Skeptical Moms of 'House Hunters'

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we’re revisiting our favorite tough customers.

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Are mothers the perfect wingwomen for house hunters? It’s certainly hard to argue that they don’t have our best interests at heart. That said, they have a way of fixating on things like parking spaces. And package delivery. And, um, food storage. They’re unquestionably the perfect house hunters to watch, is what we’re saying. Let’s raise a WORLD’S BEST MOM mug to a few of our favorites.

Sarah’s Mom, Diana

"You don’t have to worry about maintenance, which is JUST A WONDERFUL THING." Diana

Philly newcomer Sarah is interested in a charming walkup or row house with a roof deck and a view of her new town. Her mom feels that she belongs in a high rise, as she needs someone to accept her packages. Will no one think of the packages? 

Of course, what Diana really wants is someone to make sure Sarah gets home safely (and a second bedroom, so she can check up on her daughter herself). With that in mind, it’s easy to understand her obsession with doormen...right? 

Colleen’s Mom, Cathy

"When I come to visit, where am I going to stay? The only place for me is the bathtub."  Cathy

Colleen is a private mortgage banker, but her mother, Cathy, is fairly sure she knows best when it comes to the home purchase at hand. Yes, Manhattan is expensive, but a young woman on her own needs space. It should be turnkey space, and it should be in a high rise. 

She warns Colleen that having a roommate would be like being in college all over again, and that if she thinks she’s ready for a fixer-upper, she’s probably been watching too many renovation shows. Ease up on those renovation shows, Colleen.

Daniel’s Mom, Jamie

"This looks GREAT! Let me just...rearrange that for you."  Jamie

Jamie is best friends with her son, Daniel, and she’s putting up some of the money for his first apartment in San Diego. She’s got her eyes peeled for a dog-friendly place, as she wants to be able to leave the family pets in his care when she goes on vacation. Daniel, in turn, is desperate for a Craftsman-style space with carpet. Kids these days are crazy about...carpet.

Dogs and textiles aren’t the most natural combination in the world, but Daniel and Jamie’s big personalities play so well together that it’s clear they’ll work something out. Probably.

Arthi’s Mom, Usha

"Walking up and down those stairs with every shopping bag...she is going to feel it sooner or later."  Usha

Arthi is moving from Washington D.C. back to Chicago, where she hopes to spend quality time with her mom, run along the lake, and have a view of the city. She’d like to share that view with a large giraffe statue, which gives her mom, Usha, an opening to extol the virtues of elevators and doormen. 

Usha has an eagle eye for missing backsplashes, potential snow hazards and added expenses of all kinds. She’s also keen on the view from high rises, for if there’s one thing House Hunters love nearly as much as their progeny, it’s high rises.

Mallory’s Mom, Donna

"I’m telling you, your things are NOT going to fit in that wardrobe."  Donna 

Meet Donna and Mallory, a mother-daughter team on the hunt for an apartment in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Mallory is drawn to the city center, while her mom wants to ensconce her in the suburbs. Isn’t living overseas enough of an adventure already? 

Mallory is prepared to sacrifice space for a bit of fun. Not the kind of fun her mother’s worried about, other fun. Just clarifying, there.

Jeff’s Mom, Joan

"Feel that Wisconsin wind!"  Joan

Jeff had a 200-square-foot apartment in South Korea, and now that he’s back in Wisconsin, he knows he can make a tiny house work—he quite fancies the idea of being able to pick up and move whenever he likes. His mom, Joan, just wants him comfortable and fed.

Who knew stove- and refrigerator-related concerns could be so touching? Joan, please come house hunting with us. 

Honorary Mom: Annie’s son, Lynah

"This is like the size of my dorm room."  Lynah

Annie has been divorced for a few years now, and her son, Lynah, is back from college to help pack her out of the family home in Chattanooga and into a tiny house. He’s both ready to pitch in and deeply skeptical of her decision—she calls him the “voice of doom.”

While Lynah will have a hard time fitting in the diminutive spaces that appeal to Annie, her fondness for them is clear—as is his fondness for her. “You look happy,” he says. You’re taking good care of your mom, Lynah.

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