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Exploring the Beauty of the Hudson Valley — Real Estate, Attractions and Interiors

How much does real estate in the Hudson Valley cost? Explore the valley's best towns, attractions, homes and interiors with Davina Thomasula and Kristin Leitheuser, hosts of Small Town Potential.

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Welcome to the Hudson Valley

Nestled roughly 90 minutes north of New York City, the Hudson Valley — which encompasses 150 miles of land adjacent to the Hudson River — touts gorgeous scenic drives, sprawling river views and several quaint towns brimming with microbreweries, farm-to-table restaurants, inspiring art centers and more. In HGTV's Hudson-Valley based show, Small Town Potential, partners Davina Thomasula and Kristin Leitheuser showcase their love and passion for the area. Together, they use their knowledge and skills — Davina, as a real estate agent and designer, and Kristin, as a builder and contractor — to transform affordable houses in the valley into their clients' dream homes. Ahead, we'll explore the area in all its beauty: homes, landmarks, activities and all.

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First Stop: Poughkeepsie, New York

Poughkeepsie is one of the southernmost towns in the Hudson Valley — and, of course, it's filled with charm. Pictured here is the Walkway Over the Hudson, the world's longest elevated pedestrian bridge. The pedestrian walkway stretched across the Hudson River between Poughkeepsie and Highland. More than 7 million people have walked, run, biked or skated across it.

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Photo: Jared Kuzia. From: Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin.

A Poughkeepsie Fixer-upper: $285,000

With a budget of $400,000, Ohio transplants Craig and Annalise hoped to find a home with an open-concept modern kitchen, a large yard for their dog and proximity to parks and their offices. With the help of Davina, they landed on this four bedroom, $285,000 fixer-upper in Poughkeepsie. Davina and Kristin switched up the home's bland, cream-colored exterior with rich blue-gray paint. Inside, they knocked down walls to create an open flow and infuse the space with natural light. Lastly, keeping Craig and Annalise's love of entertaining in mind, Kristin and Davina created a gorgeous outdoor living space on the back deck.

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Next Stop: Mohonk Mountain House

Another highlight of the Hudson Valley? Mohonk Mountain House, a historic all-inclusive castle resort situated a little more than 30 minutes outside of Poughkeepsie in New Paltz. Surrounded by 40,000 acres of untouched forest, the resort is a National Historic Landmark that brings in guests from all over the country.

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