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These Special Moments From 'Home Town' Through the Years Will Make You Smile

January 12, 2024

We're taking a look back at some of our favorite moments, spaces and behind-the-scenes pics from the first seven seasons of HGTV's hit renovation series Home Town.

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Home Town's Most Heartwarming Moments

Ben and Erin Napier have dead-on instincts and just the right sets of skills when it comes to recognizing potential in classic old homes, but their best talent is turning that potential into reality. And their intentions go well beyond fixing up and remodeling these houses: Since the first season of Home Town, they've maintained a passion for revitalizing the small town they live in and love, Laurel, Mississippi. And this passion has spanned seven seasons of their hit series and a variety of spinoff series and specials including Home Town Takeover, Home Town Kickstart, Ben's Workshop and Home Town Takeover: Where Are They Now. This impromptu portrait is from Season 7. Now ... let's step back to the beginning.

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... And We're Rolling

The multitalented Erin does double duty as show host and production assistant, slating a scene from the second-ever episode of Home Town. In this episode, A House With History, the Napiers revitalize and restore charm to a couple's 1910 home, which has an interesting history dating to WWII.

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A Coke and a Smile

Ben and Erin share a moment in historic downtown Laurel during Home Town's first season. "No one loves a place more than we love our town," Ben says in the opening of the show's pilot. "We're trying to help it. We're trying to bring it back." Finishing the thought, Erin chimes in: "And the only way we know how to contribute to bringing it back to its heyday is to make it a friendly and welcoming place to new people who are coming here. It's going through a major rebirth, and it's so exciting to be a part of it."

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Ben + Erin 4 Ever!

Erin and Ben's enduring love, their charming chemistry and sense of humor have been hallmarks of the show's enduring appeal since day one.

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