Flip or Flop Baby Diaries: Taylor’s Room

Flip or Flop's Christina El Moussa is expecting! Follow along as she documents her pregnancy - from staying fit to picking out the perfect nursery colors.

Hi Everyone – it’s Christina from Flip or Flop. Last week I shared my plans for our new son’s nursery. It’s going to have a vintage baseball theme! So many of you commented that you liked it and I’m so glad; we’re so excited to see him in the room. This week, I’m taking you on a tour of our daughter Taylor’s fun, girly bedroom.

I moved her from her nursery and made that into the new baby’s nursery. When I was making Taylor’s “big girl” room I switched it over to a room that had a bigger bathroom — I figure she’ll appreciate that as she gets older. I’m just planning ahead!

I like rooms that aren’t too babyish, and made Taylor’s one that she can grow in to. She is four (and will be five in September) so right now it’s perfect for her. The decor is really princess-y but with a grown-up vibe. Everything is pink, white and silver. She has some fun metallic wallpaper behind her bed and her bed has a tufted comforter. And then to top it all off, she’s got a big crown above her bed – Taylor helped me pick that out – she loves it! She also picked out the soft rug that’s in the room.

I’m still adding art to the walls. “You are My Sunshine” is our favorite song, so I found some art with the words on it for one wall and the other wall has her name in metallic block letters.

For Taylor’s bathroom, I did a quick fix by taking down two rows of the plain white tile and added this cute mosaic tile that has some bling in it. I also switched out the gold fixtures for chrome ones and added this cute mirror. 

Taylor also has a fun playroom where she spends a ton of her time. She loves Disney’s Frozen and loves to read. It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Taylor is SO excited to be a big sister. She talks to the baby and reads him stories all the time. She kisses my stomach every morning. We are just a few months away from my due date so she’ll be a big sister before she knows it.

I’ll be back in two weeks with an update on how our son’s nursery is doing and I’ll be sharing some tips for staying fit while pregnant.

Thanks for reading!

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