'Fixer Upper': A Sweet Surprise at Magnolia Silos

We promised you cupcakes, and here they are. Premiering on Valentine's Day, a new Fixer Upper special details Chip and Jo's creation and opening of an old-style bakery in a renovated century-old building at the new Magnolia Silos headquarters.

"The Classic" is one of Joanna's signature cupcake creations.

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

"The Classic" is one of Joanna's signature cupcake creations.

The Silos, first seen at the end of Fixer Upper season 2, are complete and form Chip and Joanna's new base of operations, and the new home for the Magnolia Market. It's been a long journey and a lot of work, but worth it. But there was one small building on a corner of the property that had yet to be drawn into the site's master plan.

The 1500-square-foot brick building, with peeling white paint, had once been home to Rosewood Floral Design Studio, a flower shop where Chip actually used to buy roses for Joanna while they were dating. Though in need of repairs, it was a quaint building with a lot of history — and had secretly been Joanna's favorite part of the property. It was a place where she had envisioned setting up shop for another bold endeavor: an old fashioned bakery.

"I think, for me, the inspiration was, I wanted this thing to feel like it'd been here all along. And I didn't want the renovations to take away from the history of that building. And I feel like, when you walk in, it really feels like this place has been here for 100 years."
Joanna Gaines

Inside the new Magnolia Market Bakery

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Inside the new Magnolia Market Bakery

In a special Fixer Upper episode, viewers get to see Joanna and Chip take the modest little building from a blank slate with bare walls to an operating bakery that will provide a unique welcome to visitors at Magnolia Market — and one where Joanna can become purveyor of some of her own special pastry creations.

Are you ready to see The Bakery at Magnolia Silos?

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Are you ready to see The Bakery at Magnolia Silos?

Fixer Upper fans will likely recognize the significance of some of the pastry names — like a cupcake named "The Classic," the "Nuts & Bolts," the "Shiplap" and the "Cup O' Jo." And they'll likely not be surprised to see that Joanna's design plan for the building brings with it loads of vintage charm and pays homage the 100+ year history of the building. The Gaines kids get to play the role of "the clients" in this special episode, and be the first to see the transformed building in the big reveal. And Chip will quite likely overindulge on cupcakes and cookie dough.

The Fixer Upper Bakery Special premieres on HGTV on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2017, at 9pm | 8c. Be sure to check back here after the premiere to see the full photo gallery with lots of befores, afters and sweet surprises. And watch the Fixer Upper Valentine's Day marathon on HGTV, starting at 1pm | noon central.

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