New Year's Resolution Ideas for Every Enneagram Type + What You Need to Succeed

Let's make this year a success with goals that are fine-tuned to our Enneagram personalities.

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January 10, 2020

January isn't over yet. There's still time to set intentions and make resolutions for the New Year. Sure, you could go with something generic — lose 20 pounds, drink more water, get organized — but tailoring your goals to your personality might mean the difference between a year-long commitment and that thing you thought about the first week of January.

As a Six, I love a good plan. Truly. So, thinking about the year ahead is right in my wheelhouse. (Sitting in silence, not so much. Thus, this is the year I give meditation a try.) We've thought through each Enneagram type and came up with personalized resolutions so you can make the most of 2020. Keep scrolling to see our recommendations, plus, shop useful items to help you along the way.


Ones feel the need to be good and strive for perfection. This year, let go of the reins — just a smidge — and become more self-accepting with exercises that prompt you to unleash your creativity. We know it's going to go against your better instinct, but this journal is designed to be destroyed. Yes, you read that right. You get to wreck this journal and in doing so, help you release a little of that self-control.

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Twos give and give — often too much of themselves. Start your morning with a mug that reminds you it's ok to be a little selfish sometimes. Just as you take care of the people around you, it's also important to pay attention to your own needs. We'll drink to that!

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Since Threes find a lot of their worth in achieving, it's helpful to set aside time that has nothing to do with success. And in today's world, so much of our accomplishments and comparisons (another thing for Threes to watch out for) is tied up to our phones and social media. Use this rustic box to remind yourself that one of your goals this year is to unplug from the rat race and be present with the ones you love.

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Fours need a little help to bring organization to their creative minds and go-with-the-flow daily life. Enter the Passion Planner, which not only helps create structure by breaking up the day into 30-minute increments but also guides you along a road map for creating goals to keep your passions front and center.

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Fives' basic desire is to feel capable and competent, which often leaves them stuck in their head. Give your mind a break and get your body moving. For fives, who love to have all the data, a FitBit is the perfect way to keep track of all your exercise and health stats in a realtime tangible way.

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Meditation is a good practice for any Enneagram type but especially for the overthinking Sixes. Grab one of these beautiful pillows to help you with your commitment so that you can quiet the inner noise and learn to trust yourself more.

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As with all Enneagram types, our positive traits are also the things we struggle with. Sevens are energetic and spontaneous, but they can also be scattered. Instead of rushing from one activity to the next this year, take time to quiet your mind, reflect and allow yourself the gift of focus.

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Justice — both social and personal — is important to Eights. Put your money where your passion is and find brands that give back, such as ABLE. An ethical fashion brand, they invest in training and educating women to break the cycle of poverty. You can feel good about your choices and advocate for others by sharing your great finds.

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Nines can get caught up in planning and not follow through, so use the bullet journaling system to keep track of your tasks, events and notes. All you need is a dotted notebook and a pen to get started. The goal of daily logging is to inspire intentional living that is both productive and meaningful.

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