10 Cute and Functional Pill Organizers

Nowadays, more than one type of pill case exists. So, before buying a plain plastic row case, consider one of these good-looking pill organizers.

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January 31, 2023

Once upon a time, pill cases were thought to be a geriatric accessory. Nowadays, however, they're seen as convenient tools for embracing health and wellness. Because of the shift in mentality toward pill cases, many brands have expanded their design concepts beyond the classic plastic rows, to include compact pill cases, pill cases with alarms, a.m. and p.m. pill organizers, smart pill cases and more. However, with so many pill cases no swarming the market, it can be somewhat overwhelming trying to pick just one. To help, we scoured the web for the best-selling (and best-looking) pill cases. Ahead, find 10 of our favorite cute and functional pill organizers for keeping track of your medications, vitamins and supplements.

Best Compact Pill Organizer: INVODA Pill Case

Despite its very compact size, this citrus-themed pill case, which is sold in three colors, has seven compartments, making it a great weekly option for folks that don’t have a bunch of pills to keep track of. Given the smaller size, roughly three or four capsules can fit per section.

Best AM + PM Pill Organizer: ZIKEE 30-Day Pill Organizer

This monthly pill organizer works especially well for folks that take AM and PM meds. While the organizer keeps all of your medication in one place, it’s actually a stand with individual daily cases that click into place. As such, you can organize a month’s worth of pills, but if you decide to go out for a late evening or on a trip, you can take the daily AM and PM cases you need. Plus, since each of the cases are so colorful, you’re less likely to misplace them.

Best Weekly Pill Organizer: Sukuos Weekly Pill Organizer

Taking your medications shouldn’t be a dull experience. After all, vitamins, supplements and medications boost our quality of life. As such, we love the look of this clear rainbow case that keeps seven days' worth of a.m. and p.m. meds in one place. Best of all, if you know you’re going to be out late or for a couple of days but don’t want to take a week’s worth of meds, you can pull out the cases you need and leave the rest at home.

Best Monthly Pill Organizer: Sukuos Monthly Pill Organizer 28-Day Case

This colorful pill case holds up to 28 days' worth of meds. Unlike the other monthly pill case in this list, this one features removable cases that stay secure within a clasped larger case. Because of this, this pill case isn’t only great for monthly use, but for long-term travel, too, as it keeps everything organized and in one place. We will note, however, that we wish the case featured connected weekly rows (Monday through Sunday) as opposed to columns of the days of the week. As it stands, each removable case within the larger organizer is for a day—for example, one column is all the Mondays of the month, one is Tuesdays, and so on.

Best Smart Pill Box: Ellie Monthly Pill Organizer

Do you often forget to take your vitamins, supplements and medications? The Ellie Monthly Pill Organizer can help. With hundreds of 5-star reviews, it’s arguably the best pill box with an alarm. The blue-and-white case connects with an app on your phone where you can detail what medications are in which of the seven compartments and set notifications for each. In addition to being reminded when it’s time to take your meds, this pill case also keeps track of how often you comply, so it doubles as a healthy habit tracker, too.


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Best Multi-Use Pill Organizer: Port and Polish Pill Box

Looking for a sleek pill box that can double as a makeup companion? The popular Port and Polish Pill Box is a slim rectangular case complete with a mirror. It’s sold in blush pink and mint and features seven compartments.

Best Discreet Pill Organizer: FYY Daily Pill Organizer

The FYY Daily Pill Organizer has seven compartments of varying sizes with clear lids so that you can easily see what’s in each. When it’s folded closed, however, it looks like a nondescript rectangular box that could just as well be a compact case as a pill organizer. It’s sold in 11 colors. (FYI: Clear Shearer from The Home Edit uses a similar case and can’t rave about it enough.)

Best Travel Pill Organizer: Miamica Zippered Pill Case

The Miamica Zippered Pill Case is sold in nine designs but we love this one the most. The small black faux leather case has a removable plastic pill organizer complete with eight compartments. In that way, the case can serve as a pill case when you need it, but it could also work as a small travel jewelry case or place to store lip balm.

Best Accessible Pill Organizer: Yite Braille Pill Case

If you or someone you know is blind, the Yite Braille Pill Case is a fantastic option. It’s a classic 7-day pill organizer, only with the addition of braille next to each of the days of the week. It’s also worth mentioning that this minimalist case is among the best-looking pill organizers, thanks to its simple blush and cream design.

Best Splurge Pill Organizer: Cadence Days of the Week

This honeycomb-shaped pill organizer is widely shared on social media for its unique design that features individual pill containers that magnetize together to create the overall case. Each container is labeled with a day of the week, and the 7-piece set can be purchased in eight shades.

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