12 Best Items Under $50 for Stress Relief and Self-Care

Give yourself the pampering you deserve with a few budget-friendly buys.

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December 08, 2021

We could all use some extra self-care. Fortunately, it's possible to take care of ourselves and relieve stress without paying a visit to a pricey day spa or massage studio. Best of all, we found items that don't require much time, space or money to reap the benefits. Get ready to feel relaxed, refreshed and hydrated like never before.

Pleasantly scented with lavender, this neck and shoulder pillow helps ease tension and relieve stress. The flaxseed, rice and lavender bud wrap can be heated in the microwave and applied immediately to relax tired, tight muscles. It's the perfect antidote to a day of desk work, cooking, cleaning and caregiving.

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Let your worries slowly drift away, if only for a few minutes, as you allow your toes to luxuriate in this bubbling waterfall foot spa. Gently massage your feet on the raised nodes as the warm water makes it easy to relax at the end of the day. Three acupressure attachments pamper your feet with even more of the care they so richly deserve.

$30 | Anthropologie $24.99 | HoMedics

We're all about finding little ways to sneak in self-care and this battery-powered scalp massager is exactly what our showers were missing. This vibrating handheld tool gently loosens dead skin, stimulates blood flow and gives you those ahhh chills in the best way.

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Need on-the-go stress relief? This unisex spray instantly transports you to a wooded, mossy forest with its crisp and clean yet earthy scent – like a breath of fresh air in a bottle. It's meant to mimic the effects of forest bathing through olfactory chemistry, but, of course, there's no replacement for a real walk in the woods to calm your mind and body.

$30 | Sephora $30 | The Nue Co

Pro Tip: Keep this cute little foot roller under your desk for on-demand relief. The ergonomic design fits perfectly under the arch of your foot and rotating nubby wooden dowels hit all the right spots to soothe your soles.

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Second only to sleep, exercise is essential for managing stress and anxiety. Keep up your fitness routine at home with a yoga mat that you can use for strength training or yoga. Whether you practice first thing in the morning, midday for a stretch break or before bed, all that matters is that you move your body.

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The best way to keep stress under control is by getting adequate, restorative sleep. If you're not prioritizing a good night's snooze, then you're not allowing your body to absorb and process all of the wonderful stress-relief activities you've been doing during the day. Perfect for soothing migraines, calming anxiety or easing into a restful sleep, this unique eye mask features four equally-weighted pods that contour to your face, blocking out the light and providing soothing pressure to help relieve stress.

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Journaling works wonders for your mental health. Try an informal workbook like this one with prompts to unload thoughts, set goals and reflect. Writing out positive and negative feelings can instantly transform your mood and relieve you of weighty mental burdens, helping you feel lighter and clear-headed.

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$15 (Set of 5)

Most of us don't have time to sit on the couch with our feet up for 20 minutes. Our advice? Slap on a sheet mask while you shower — steam will amplify the benefits of the mask — and you'll fit in a little self-care ritual, too. These tea tree masks from Rael keep skin clear and prevent clogged pores, ideal for treating pesky stress-related breakouts.

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Breathe in, breathe out. Close your eyes as this aromatherapy diffuser mists calming scents into the air, moisturizing your skin and improving your mood. Thanks to an extra-large water reservoir, this diffuser can pump your favorite relaxing scents into the air for up to 16 hours. Increase the mist output of the diffuser to enable this easy-to-use device to humidify dry air in your home, too.

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Lathering up in lotion isn't a revolutionary self-care practice, but these body stones made with raw cocoa butter and a blend of natural oils are. You're practically forced to slow down and absorb the benefits of this solid lotion bar by gliding it across your body and massaging the oils into your skin.

$14 | Anthropologie $14 | Kate McLeod

If soaking in a steaming hot tub of water with bath salts and all the extras is your kind of wind-down routine, then add this clam shell-shaped pillow with suction cups to your indulgent setup.

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Sipping a replenishing beverage is an easy, passive way to fit in self-care and stress relief. Formulated with a blend of organic cacao, adaptogens and a hint of cinnamon, this relaxing elixir helps soothe anxiety and promotes an overall sense of inner calm. Mix one sachet into eight ounces of hot water or warm milk and chill.

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Pump up the tunes, turn on a podcast or escape in meditation — whatever your remedy of choice, a Bluetooth speaker makes it possible for you to let off some steam wherever you are. A good dance session will get your heart rate up and release endorphins; podcasts will take your mind off a stressful issue at-hand; meditation helps regulate breathing and anxious thoughts.

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