The Best Bathroom Scales of 2023

Keep tabs on your health and track your fitness progress with these bestselling bathroom scales from Amazon.

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February 02, 2023

Our Top Bathroom Scale Picks

Bathroom scales are one of the easiest ways to keep tabs on your health and wellness from the comfort of your home. And the top-selling bathroom scales on the market today don’t look or perform anything like your grandmother’s bathroom scale, that’s for sure. These high-tech gadgets go well beyond showing you your weight in pounds and instead analyze your body composition and share real-time data on factors including, but not limited to, your bone mass, skeletal muscle, BMI, metabolic age, heart rate and more.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Scale

Choosing the best bathroom scale for your home is simple once you determine your health goals. Are you an athlete who wants to keep track of your muscle-to-body-fat ratio? Invest in a bathroom scale with an app that allows you to follow your progress over time via line charts or data tables. Want to keep tabs on your cardiovascular health? Splurge on a scale that offers data for your heart rate and vascular age (hint: scale #9 is just for you!) Evaluate what body metrics are most important for your household’s wellness journeys and look for a scale that aligns with your needs.

We spent hours comparing key features, including price, body composition analyzation, smartphone apps and Bluetooth connectivity to narrow down the 10 best bathroom scales on Amazon. Keep reading to get the breakdown of the winners, and shop our favorites in the links below.

$34.99 $26.99

Earning our pick for the best bathroom scale overall is the unsurpassed RENPHO Smart Scale for Body Weight. This hard-working scale delivers on form and function, featuring a streamlined tempered glass top with four high-sensitivity electrodes that aid in analyzing 13 body composition measurements. The step-on scale uses Bluetooth connectivity to send data on your weight, subcutaneous fat, body fat, BMI, visceral fat, bone mass, muscle mass, skeletal muscle, body water, muscle mass, metabolic age, BMR, protein and fat-free body weight directly to your phone. The smartphone app offers weekly, monthly and yearly visual progress via easy-to-read line charts.

$35.99 $21.59

If nothing gives you a thrill quite like tracking progress via numbers, the FITINDEX Smart Scale is your best friend in the making. The sleek scale tracks 13 unique body composition data points to give you an in-depth picture of your health. Stepping on this scale gives you instant insight into your current weight, body fat, BMR, muscle mass, body water, bone mass, metabolic age, visceral fat, protein, skeletal muscle, BMI, fat-free body weight and subcutaneous fat. Plus, you can use the FITINDEX scale to track your baby or pet’s weight with its innovative baby-holding mode. Best part? It uses Bluetooth to connect with your Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit and Fitbit on your smartphone or watch.

$29.99 $19.99

Ditch your old, chronically-inaccurate scale and treat yourself to the top-rated RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale. The sleek, round-corner design makes this scale a safe investment for family homes, and its inky tempered-glass top looks at home in your contemporary bathroom design. Each step-on scale delivers your weight in seconds via crisp, easy-to-read digits on its LED screen. Compact and lightweight, you can easily slide this scale under your vanity or stow it in your linen closet between weigh-ins. It delivers your weight in seconds via crisp, easy-to-read digits on its LED screen. Other noteworthy features include the auto on/off feature, low battery notification, anti-slip padding and overload indication.

$82.99 $49.99

Track 15 body composition measurements on your phone and underfoot with the Lepulse Scale for Body Weight. The high-tech scale uses Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis to produce measurements for weight, BMI, fat-free body weight, heart rate, heart index, body fat, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, body water, skeletal muscle, bone mass, muscle mass, protein, body age and BMR. The standout feature of this scale is the oversized LCD that delivers all the above data points in front of you in tandem with the smartphone app, allowing you to track your progress over time. Better still, you can program up to 24 unique profiles on this scale in a single app account. Oh, and did we mention the scale is so intelligent it will automatically recognize each member of your household the moment they step on for a weigh-in? Yes, it's that good.

$89.99 $44.99

Upgrade your bathroom scale with the sleek INEVIFIT scale. The 4.8-star modern scale features tempered glass and auto-calibrating sensors to provide exact body weight measurements via a large 3.6-inch LED display the moment you step on the scale. Each INEVFIT scale can be set to read your weight in pounds or kilograms and comes with batteries, making it ready to use straight out of the box. And if you still need some convincing — check out the 13,000+ rave customer reviews to see what all the buzz is about.

$25.99 $18.99

Who says you need to break the bank to have a beautiful scale in your bathroom? The Vitafit Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale combines reliable, precise weight readings with a chic design to create the ultimate budget-friendly bathroom scale. Each Vitafit scale features a clear LED display that's easy to read day or night, has three unit options and measures up to 400 pounds. Another plus? This energy-saving design features a handy auto-shutoff option to preserve battery power for extended periods.

$99.95 $74.99

Invest in a scale that will deliver precise measurements throughout every stage of your life with the Withings Body+ Smart Wi-Fi Bathroom Scale. The innovative scale is designed for the whole family, starting with a pregnancy tracker that helps you follow the healthy weight gain range and offers obstetrician-reviewed advice, plus a baby mode that allows you to track your little one once they’re here. Each high-tech Withings scale works as a comprehensive body composition analyzer, delivering stats on your weight, body fat, water weight, muscle, bone mass and more to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

$29.99 $23.99

Are you searching for a scale that tracks 12 critical body composition stats that costs less than a lunch for two? The Eufy by Anker Smart Scale C1 With Bluetooth is here to deliver. The minimalist scale measures weight, body fat percentage, BMI, bone, lean body mass, body fat mass, BMR, water, bone mass, muscle mass, muscle and visceral fat in a flash. All stats sync to your Apple Health, Google Git and Fitbit devices via Bluetooth. Plus, this top-rated scale can accommodate up to 16 user profiles so everyone in the family can stay on top of their health trends.


Heart health is wealth, and the Withings Body Cardio Premium Body Composition Smart Scale claims to be the first smart scale to help you track and maintain pertinent data on your heart over time. Each Withings Body Cardio scale delivers insight into your weight, body water, fat mass and muscle mass. But, the standout features of this scale are its integrated heart rate monitor and its estimation of your vascular age, offering you an understanding of your current standing with your health. Sync this scale with Alexa devices as well as Google Fit, Fitbit and Apple Health.


The Etekcity Smart Wi-Fi Scale stands out from the competition because of its exceptional body composition analytics and voice-activated features. Each scale measures weight, BMI, body fat, protein, muscle mass, BMR, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, heart rate, bone mass, metabolic age, body water, fat-free body weight and skeletal muscle. The scale syncs the information with your smartphone and Amazon Alexa so that you can ask Alexa how much progress you’ve made on your fitness goals aloud. Better still, the Etekcity Smart Scale accommodates unlimited users so everyone in your household can enjoy the perks of tracking their health.

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