The 10 Best Alarm Clocks for Chronic Snoozers

Waking up just got way more pleasant. Take a look at our top picks, and update your nightstand with an alarm clock that's stylish and high-tech.

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July 24, 2020

Not to sound dramatic, but replacing my smartphone with an actual alarm clock is one of the best decisions I've made in 2020. Without the temptation to check my email or scroll through social media, I actually read the books on my nightstand, fall asleep easily and wake up feeling refreshed, without ever hitting the snooze button.

If you're eager to make the switch, too, these alarm clocks should do the trick. They're all stylish, equipped with cool features and cost less than $100, so you can find the perfect one for your budget.


If you're all about the aesthetic, then you'll love this modern alarm clock from Capello. A low profile and light wood face give the device a clean, organic feel that will easily refresh your nightstand or dresser. It also has a large display with three brightness settings, so you can easily read the time from any corner.

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Keep the smartphones and tablets out of the kids' room with this adorable unicorn alarm clock. The glittery case is made of silicone and lights up in four different colors, while the digital display showcases the time, date and temperature, so your kiddos know exactly how to dress in the morning.

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Hello, handsome. With its retro case and bold numbers, this midcentury-style alarm clock reminds us of Mad Men in the best way possible. Prop it on a stack of books for a carefully curated look and enjoy how its silent-sweep hands eliminate any annoying ticking sounds.

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Lexon Flip alarm clocks have a cult following for a reason: They're really fun to turn off in the mornings. Instead of a typical switch, these devices have to be flipped from their "ON" to their "OFF" side, which deactivates the alarm and displays the time. They also come in bright colors like red, yellow and royal blue, which adds an artistic element to any bedroom.

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Get good use out of your alarm clock at night, too, by letting it charge your devices. This cubic cutie from Capello is equipped with two USB ports for your e-reader, tablet, etc., and has a raised base so there's plenty of room on your side table. For $20, it's a total steal!

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Pretty and polished with a chrome finish, this vintage-style alarm clock would make an elegant addition to any nightstand. We love how the top embellishment makes it look like a working hunter-case pocket watch and have no doubt that it'll bring character and functionality to your setting.

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If you just need a little something to wake you up in the morning, snag this bestselling alarm clock by Capello. It's a great deal at less than $15 and gets the job done by beeping low and slowly at first and then getting louder over time. The round shape and light gray, fabric face are a fun break from traditional styles, too.

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This little black box is proof that alarm clocks can be chic and functional. We love how the gold hands balance out the graphic dial and add some shimmer to the face, while a simple battery-operated beep alarm invites you to start the day. All in all? It's the perfect nightstand accessory.

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For an alarm clock that's easy on the eyes and packed with cool features, look no further than The Wakey by Anker. This device has the streamlined shape and smart capabilities of a Bluetooth speaker but also gives you a wireless charging station for your phone, two USB ports and the ability to generate white noise. Suffice it to say, it's worth the $90.

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We couldn't possibly talk about alarm clocks without mentioning the bestselling hOmeLabs Sunrise Simulator. Instead of a ringer, this clock wakes you up with a warm LED light that gradually brightens over time, just like the sunrise. The clock also has eight different color settings and plays ambient nature sounds.

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