Bedroom Lighting Ideas and Styles

Choosing lights for your bedroom remodel can be fun, but it's best to have a plan to ensure that your new space has the look you truly want.
White Bedroom With Fireside Seating Area

White Bedroom With Fireside Seating Area

A fresh coat of white paint freshens up the exposed brick in this attic bedroom, while faux beams add architectural interest and incorporate much-needed lighting. To create a little fireside seating area, a moss loveseat and beige chair are set in the far side of the room.

By: Gina Hannah

To set the perfect mood for your bedroom while providing adequate light, you need a plan. Just as you plan your color scheme and furnishings it's important to take into consideration your needs, as well as the features and limitations of your room, when you design your lighting plan.

Bright Ideas for Bedroom Lighting

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Elegant Accessories

A delicate chandelier over each bedside table brings a touch of elegance to this earthy master bedroom. A bright wall of windows shows off a stunning view of the desert, a look that is echoed in the nature-inspired decor and colors found in the room.

Photo By: Eric

Funky Fixtures

The traditional reading lamp is given a stylish twist with a pair of mid-century modern globe lights fixed to either side of the bed, which is the perfect solution for a bedroom that lacks the space for bedside tables.

Photo By: Jennifer Liseo

Illuminating Combination

Three gorgeous chandeliers light this sexy master bedroom designed by Lindsay Pumpa. The eclectic mix lends a dreamy, whimsical touch to the luxurious space.

Photo By: Eric Perry

Deliberate Design

Recessed ambient lighting just above the bed creates a soft glow in this traditional master bedroom. A large mirror leaned against the well helps to reflect the light while also making the room appear larger.

Enchanting Atmosphere

The perfect combination of lamps, sconces and a stunning chandelier creates a soft, romantic atmosphere in this roomy master bedroom.

Photo By: HOWARD TUCKER 216-696-4616

Sunshiny Day

While an abundance of sunshine is the primary source of light in this delightful bedroom by designer Lindsay Pumpa, stylish bedside lamps featuring metallic branch bases offer just enough task lighting for reading.

Photo By: Eric Perry

Smart Space

Space is at a premium in this eclectic bedroom by designer Ashley DeLapp. Personal, mounted lights assure each bed receives adequate light without sacrificing space on the shared nightstand.

Work of Art

A backlit panel hung from the ceiling creates depth and interest in this modern bedroom by designer Andreas Charalambous. White walls and a white ceiling keep the room bright and draw focus to the interesting accent lighting and vibrant artwork above the bed.

Photo By: Geoffrey Hodgdon

Bold and Bright

A beautiful bronze drum chandelier is the main source of light in this colorful master bedroom that is full of eye-catching patterns. Apple red lamps adorn the bedside tables and give the room an extra dose of color. Design by Ashley DeLapp

Let Light In

Ideal for early risers, gorgeous, large windows offer plenty of natural light in this contemporary master suite, while simple bedside lamps provide extra task lighting when needed.

Luminous Details

This calming bedroom design by Emily Henderson is full of little details that add major impact. Wooden accessories, delicate wallpaper and an ultra-chic globe light give the room a rustic contemporary vibe.

Lighting for any room, including the bedroom, is best done in layers.

  • Ambient light (also called general light) serves the same function as natural sunlight, bathing your entire room in light.
  • Accent light highlights visual features you wish to showcase, such as artwork.
  • Task lighting is a more focused type of lighting that makes reading, writing, sewing and other tasks easier.

The most effective lighting plans incorporate all three types of lights to meet the needs of those using the room. As your build your layers of light, remember that bedroom lighting should create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere using soft, flattering ambient light while providing bright spots in the places where they are needed.

When developing your bedroom lighting design, first consider the size and ceiling height of your room. Take measurements. Research what types and sizes of light fixtures best fit the size of your room. HGTV Remodels offers dozens of tips and ideas to help you choose the right fixtures to fit both the size of your room and your decorating style.

Next, it's time to get personal and consider the style of your bedroom. Light fixtures are available in an almost endless range of sizes, styles and prices. Do you prefer traditional styles or more modern touches? Do you like a mix of both? You may decide to install recessed lights, a good choice for ambient lighting in any room; on the other hand, a single flush-mount fixture or chandelier may be more your style. Ceiling fans can provide both light and climate control, and wall sconces, placed high enough on the wall, can offer some ambient light.

Many designers recommend incorporating several lights of a lower wattage as opposed to one or two bright fixtures. For added flexibility, place your ambient lighting on dimmer switches that you can adjust based on your mood and activities. Softer bulbs can also keep your bedroom light from being unpleasant or glaring.

Layer your overhead lighting with table lamps on your nightstands for bedtime reading, or install hanging lights or wall lights with swing arms over the tables to free up space for books. Do you have artwork or photographs on one wall of your bedroom? You might consider accent lighting here. Don't forget reading nooks, dressing areas, master bathrooms and closets. These areas should be part of your overall lighting plan, not afterthoughts.

Light It Up: 12 Illuminating Ideas for the Bedroom

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