Unique Bedroom Lighting

Choosing bedroom lights with a unique design will give your bedroom an unforgettable look.


Photo by: Maurizio Marcato

Maurizio Marcato

By: Gina Hannah

To find the perfect unique lighting for your bedroom, you can look as far and wide — or as close to home — as you like.

And while finding a true one-of-a-kind light may be a challenge, you can certainly incorporate bedroom lighting that will give your space a look of its own.

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Sometimes, the unique look comes in the mix of lights in a room. Recessed or track lighting placed over the bed or used for highlighting wall art can add a unique look. If you've chosen to decorate in a modern style, look for pendant lights, floor lamps or table lamps with interesting geometric shapes. Some fixtures have shades with a cut-out design that will cast an intriguing shape on the ceiling when the light is on.

If your style is more traditional, peruse thrift stores for lamps and other items that can be repurposed or upcycled to become a table or floor lamp or a hanging fixture. Take an old lamp and add a new shade, or perhaps take a plain shade and use fabric paint or glue and embellishments to create a unique look.

You can even make a light fixture yourself. Lamps can be made from wine bottles, vases, jars, pitchers, statues — even a stack of books can serve as a lamp base. Craft supply stores often have kits for the wiring and bulb assembly. Lamp shades with images of family photographs or your own design can help you create a personalized look.

Also check out art galleries and shows for one-of-a-kind creations by local artists and crafters. Local sources are a great way to find quality unique fixtures made of metal sculpture, stained or blown glass and other materials that are still affordable. Think beyond singular fixtures. Can you group a collection of small pendants to create the look of a chandelier?

Sometimes just the right unique lighting comes from fixtures that can't be seen at all. To add ambient light to your room, you can install cove lighting, which is lighting that is made up of tubes or other shapes of light that are hidden high up on walls or ceilings such as above a ledge, tray ceiling or crown molding. You could even choose a headboard with built-in lights, which could uplight art hanging above your bed.

As you choose your unique bedroom lights, keep your overall plan in mind and remember to include ambient light, as well as fixtures that will provide task and accent lighting.

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