Make Budget-Friendly Bat Halloween Decor With Felt and a Branch From Your Yard

Going a little batty? Create a colony of cool, colorful creatures of the night to hang out with.

Felt Bat Decoration Hanging Above Halloween Decor

Cool and Colorful Bats

Learn how to create these cool and colorful bats with step-by-step instructions on HGTV's Handmade.

Photo by: Crafty Lumberjacks

Crafty Lumberjacks

You've heard about cool cats, but what about cool bats? Add some color and whimsy to your Halloween decor with these colorful cuties made with felt, a branch foraged from your backyard and other simple craft accessories.

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Easy Felt Bats for Halloween
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Materials + Tools

  • felt
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • toothpicks
  • wire cutters
  • white acrylic paint

Create Bat Stencil

Search for a clip-art drawing of a bat online or sketch a bat freehand. Choose or sketch an image with simple shapes and without a lot of detail. Print or draw onto a piece of card stock and cut out the image carefully to use as a template.

Trace and Cut Out Bats

Use a piece of chalk to trace the template onto a black piece of felt (Image 1). Cut along the traced lines (Image 2), then dust off any chalk that’s left on the felt. Tip: No chalk? No problem: Trace with a permanent marker or pen and flip over your image so there are no trace lines.

Repeat the process on another piece of felt in a bright color of your choice — we're using orange (Image 3). We'll glue this second cut-out to the back of the black bat to give it a 3D effect later.

Make the Fangs

Paint the points of two toothpicks with white acrylic paint for the teeth. Once dry, snip off the tips using a pair of wire cutters.

Add Glasses and Nose

With a pair of wire cutters, cut off the backside of a pair of miniature sunglasses so they will lie flat (Image 1). Use a low-temp hot glue gun to adhere the sunglasses on the center of the face of the black felt bat. Hot glue the nose directly underneath the glasses (Image 2).

Have fun with accessorizing your bats! If you don't have mini sunglasses, you can use two beads instead. If you don't have an animal nose, you can use a small button or glue on an upside-down triangle out of felt.

Glue on Fangs

Add a small dab of felt glue on a piece of scrap paper or paper plate. Grab each fang with the wire cutters and lightly dip them into the glue before adhering them to your bat's face, centered just underneath the bat's nose.

Glue Bats Together

Use a paintbrush to add a light coating of felt glue to the back of the black felt bat. Slightly overlap the black felt bat with the orange bat so the color peeks out from behind.

Glue Bat to Branch

Find a fallen branch and trim down to fit your space. Use a low-temp hot glue gun to adhere the bat (upside-down) onto the branch.

Make More Bats

Repeat the process and create other bats with different pops of color to fill up your branch.

Hang and Enjoy

Tie colorful baker's twine on one end of the branch, leaving about 1 inch of slack before tying it off on the other end of the branch (Image 1). Use what you have or whatever matches your decor best to make the hanger — yarn, ribbon or even wire.

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