Make These Cool Cat Costumes Inspired by Iconic Halloween Movie Villains

You only need a handful of supplies to craft up these classic costumes.

Cat Sticks Paw Through Prop Door With Axe Like in "The Shining" Movie

"The Shining" Movie Cat Photo Prop

The Crafty Lumberjacks' cat Teddy Krueger puts his paw through a prop door with a faux mini axe designed to look like a classic scene from movie "The Shining".

and HGTV Handmade

Photo by: Caitlin Dabbs

Caitlin Dabbs

Halloween costumes aren't just for kids. Watch the Crafty Lumberjacks create these classic Halloween costumes for cats based on movie legends like Freddy Krueger and Dracula. Fur baby won’t wear a costume? No worries! They’ve got the perfect, Instagram-worthy backdrop for you.

DIY Cat Costumes 07:49

The Crafty Lumberjacks turn three horror characters into cat costumes.

Note: Be sure to use only soft, lightweight materials that don't obstruct your pet's movement, eyes, nose or mouth.

Freddy Kitty Krueger

Cat Wearing Freddy Krueger Striped Shirt Costume While Being Held

Freddy Krueger Cat Costume

The Crafty Lumberjacks' cat Teddy Krueger models a Freddy Krueger-inspired cat costume for Halloween.

and HGTV Handmade

Photo by: Caitlin Dabbs

Caitlin Dabbs

Materials + Tools

  • 1 piece red felt
  • 1 piece green felt
  • 1 piece brown felt
  • brown acrylic paint
  • tan craft foam
  • silver glitter craft foam
  • fabric scissors
  • low-temp hot glue gun
  • Velcro

Distress Felt

Start with two rectangular pieces of felt — one green and one red (Image 1). Next, add a little water to the brown acrylic paint. Then apply the paint to the red and green pieces of felt for a more distressed look (Image 2). Let dry completely.

Cut Bib + Glue Stripes

Create the iconic movie sweater by using fabric scissors to cut out a wide stretched bib from the red felt (Image 1). Make sure to leave long flaps so it fits loosely around your cat’s neck. Then, with the green felt, cut out several imperfect stripes for the sweater. From the remaining red felt, cut two, rounded rectangles to use as the sleeves of the sweater (Image 2). Using a low-temp hot glue gun, apply the green felt stripes horizontally across the sweater (Image 3). Do the same for each sleeve. Lastly, place the arms about an inch down from the top of the sweater, splitting the center, and adhere with a low-temp hot glue gun.

Make Hands + Glove

Cut out two small pieces of tan felt for the hands. Now cut out a small glove shape from the brown craft foam for the right hand (Image 1). Then cut out five small "blades" from the silver glitter craft foam (Image 2). Using a low-temp hot glue gun, adhere the blades to the glove on the right hand, and then adhere the hand and glove to the sleeves.

Make Fedora

Use scissors to cut out a zero shape from the brown felt for the brim. Then cut out a long rectangle. Using a low-temp hot glue gun, glue the seam of the rectangle. Once dry, glue the top seam (Image 1). Flip the hat inside out (Image 2). Now use hot glue to affix the brim to the main hat (Image 3). Finish by adding a piece of elastic to the inside of the hat with a dab of hot glue (Image 4).

Add Velcro

Using a low-temp hot glue gun, adhere two small pieces of Velcro to the bib — one on the top bib flap, the other beneath the bib flap.

Hands Holding Finished Cat Sweater with Two Pieces of Velcro on Bib

Halloween Cat Costumes: Add Velcro

Take two small pieces of Velcro and add one to the top of the bib and one under using a low temp hot glue gun.

From: HGTV Handmade

Photo by: Caitlin Dabbs

Caitlin Dabbs

Cat "Dracula"

Cat Wearing Costume With Glittery Cape Collar and Lace Like Dracula

Dracula-Inspired Cat Costume

The Crafty Lumberjacks' cat Teddy Krueger models a Dracula-inspired cat costume. The two show you how to create classic cat costumes inspired by iconic Halloween movie villains.

and HGTV Handmade

Photo by: Caitlin Dabbs

Caitlin Dabbs

Materials + Tools

  • cat collar
  • low-temp hot glue gun
  • heavy-duty wire cutters
  • 1 piece black craft foam
  • 1 adhesive red glitter craft foam
  • lace fabric
  • red ribbon
  • necklace charm

Make Cat Cape

Start by fitting a comfortable collar around your cat’s neck, then remove the collar for crafting. Use heavy-duty wire cutters to remove any decorative rings or attachments from the collar. Next, use scissors to cut out a long, rectangular piece from the black craft foam. Then, gently fold it in half (try not to crease it) and cut out an arched shape (Image 1). Next, cut out a slightly smaller, matching piece from the red adhesive craft foam (Image 2). Stick the two together.

Accessorize Collar

Place the cat collar on a table with the outside facing up. Using a low-temp hot glue gun, glue the cape collar at a 90-degree angle directly next one of the clasps (Image 1). Be sure to hold the craft foam in place while it dries so the cape stands up when the cat is walking. Next, cut a piece of lace fabric to size, then fold it in a zig-zag pattern (Image 2). Use a low-temp hot glue gun to adhere the folded lace to the rest of the collar length (Image 3). Lastly, cut two pieces of ribbon to size and use a low-temp hot glue gun to affix it to the lace like a necklace. Glue a small medallion to the center where the ribbons meet (Image 4).

"The Shining" Cat Scratch Pad Door

Cat Sits Beside Door With Axe Coming Through Like "The Shining" Movie

"The Shining" Movie Cat Photo Prop

The Crafty Lumberjacks' cat Teddy Krueger sits beside a prop door designed to look like a classic scene from movie "The Shining".

and HGTV Handmade

Photo by: Caitlin Dabbs

Caitlin Dabbs

Materials + Tools

  • large white foam board
  • 1 piece gray craft foam
  • 1 small scratch pad
  • 2 wooden dowels
  • large furry pipe cleaner
  • crafting knife
  • low-temp hot glue gun
  • brown acrylic paint
  • cream acrylic paint
  • red acrylic paint
  • gold acrylic paint
  • Q-tip
  • tack
  • ruler

Create Door + Panels

Using a crafting knife, carefully cut the white foam board 13’’ across (Image 1). For accuracy, measure the foam board using a ruler. Then, cut four smaller rectangles for the door panels. Next, lightly trace out where each panel will go on the door and then use a low-temp hot glue gun to adhere three of the panels to the door on the right side and bottom sections (Image 2). In the top left section of the door, use a craft knife to cut out the traced rectangle.

Create “Axed” Panel + Glue and Paint

With the free door panel, cut out irregular strips, like slashes, to fit the panel hole in the door (Image 1). This will create a broken, splintered wood look. Then use a low-temp hot glue gun to adhere the slashed panel with an open hole to the traced door. Next, create a woodgrain look by lightly painting brown acrylic paint along the edges of each panel for dimension (Image 2). To make the door darker, repeat the steps with brown and cream acrylic paint. Let the door dry completely. Lastly, use red acrylic paint and a Q-tip to spell out “REDRUM” in the middle part of the door (Image 3).

Make Door Knob + Glue Pad

With a crafting knife, cut a small rectangle from the remaining foam board. Stick a tack into the foam board piece and paint the entire piece with gold acrylic paint (Image 1). Tip: If the tack is too large and goes through the foam piece, add thickness by gluing another piece of foam to the back. Using a low-temp hot glue gun, glue the door knob to the door. Then, adhere a small scratch pad to the bottom length of the door with hot glue (Image 2).

Mini Cat Leg Prop

Using scissors, cut a small piece of gray crafting foam into two matching axe blade shapes (Image 1). Now, using the two wooden dowels, place one piece between the two axe blade shapes and use a low-temp hot glue gun to adhere together (Image 2). Then wrap the remaining dowel tightly with the large furry pipe cleaner (Image 3). Be sure to use a furry pipe cleaner that closely matches your cat’s fur.

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