Halloween Party Magic: Make a Wicked Wine Cauldron + Ghostly Garnishes

Channel your inner spellcaster to magic up a wine-dispensing cauldron along with tastefully terrifying (and delicious!) liqueur-soaked fruit garnishes.

Photo by: Gabriela Hardan

Gabriela Hardan

Materials Needed

  • plastic cauldron
  • box of red wine
  • large green grapes
  • apple, any variety
  • black raspberry liqueur
  • long bamboo skewers
  • drill, fitted with a large drill bit
  • utility knife or box cutter
  • grapevine wreath
  • string of orange mini lights
  • glass pie plate or shallow bowl
  • dry ice
  • tongs (for safely handling dry ice)
  • paring knife
  • chalk pencil or marker
  • bubble wrap or plastic grocery bags

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Wicked Wine Cauldron
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Create Apple Skulls

Wash and dry apple(s). Cut into long, vertical slices, each about 1/2" thick and discard the center cut containing the core. Cut away the sides of the apple slice to create a basic skull shape. Using a paring knife, and without cutting all the way through the apple, carve two eye holes near the top of the skull (Image 1), then carve in a grid pattern for the mouth (Image 2).

Create Grape Ghosts

Wash and dry grapes. Using a paring knife, carve a pair of circular eyes, followed by an open mouth into one side of the grape.

Photo by: Gabriela Hardan

Gabriela Hardan

Soak, Then Skewer

Liqueur-soaked fruit is a delicious complement to red wine; soak overnight for maximum flavor (Image 1). Tip: Soaking in a colorful liqueur, like the deep burgundy hue we chose, highlights the faces' carved features and gives the fruit a ghastly appearance. Before guests arrive, slide 1 apple skull and 1 grape ghost onto bamboo skewers and display on a platter (Image 2).

Cut Hole for Wine Tap

Pop out the circular cardboard tab (for the tap) from the wine box and use it as a template to mark where you'll cut the cauldron. Using chalk, mark about 1/2" out from the cardboard template to ensure the wine spout can easily slide through. Using a drill fitted with a sharp drill bit, create a series of holes inside the marked circle, then connect the holes using a box cutter or utility knife and pop out the cut circle.

Add Wine Bag

Remove wine bag from box, insert in cauldron and pull tap through hole (Image 1). Add bubble wrap, plastic shopping bags or a towel to fill in the remainder of the cauldron to ensure the wine bag stays upright so it can properly drain as guests fill their glasses (Image 2).

Complete Cauldron

Create a flaming base by tightly wrapping the grapevine wreath with a strand of orange mini lights. Set cauldron on top of wreath, then top with a glass pie plate filled with dry ice and water (Image 1). Get our tips for safely handling dry ice. For dramatic effect, you can even add a small bit of dry ice to wine glasses but be sure to warn guests not to drink till the dry ice has completely dissolved (Image 2).

Drink Up, Witches!

The self-service set up allows guests to help themselves while freeing you up to get your witch on and party like the undead.

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