12 Amazing Anthropologie Wellness Products

Get in the wellness game with our curated picks of favorite self-care and beauty products from the Anthropologie Wellness Shop.

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December 02, 2020

The Wellness by Anthropologie store-within-a-store in Beverly Hills.

The Wellness by Anthropologie store-within-a-store in Beverly Hills.

The influence of Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop empire is undeniable: her self-care zeitgeist of tongue brushing and crystal healing has had a profound effect on the culture at large, for both the converts and the naysayers.

Covetable lifestyle emporium Anthropologie has entered the wellness game with a dedicated Wellness Shop online and within 12 Anthropologie stores featuring about 500 products in a roughly 1,000 square foot store-within-a-store. But even if you’re not close to one of these brick and mortar outposts, you can order an array of items online including skincare, makeup, yoga-related products, crystal-infused water bottles, mineral sunscreen, assorted fun gadgetry and other wellness and self-care staples.

Like a Goop-style self-care emporium mixed with a high-end apothecary like New York City’s C.O. Bigelow Chemists, the Anthropologie Wellness Shop options feature a variety of well-curated European and insider health and beauty products, many of which are already cult items that non-beauty editors will be excited to discover.

Peruse our list of some wellness favorites from Anthropologie's Wellness Shop.

A cult product from the celebrated French beauty company Caudalie, Vinoperfect Radiance is heralded for its ability to minimize skin discoloration and brighten dull complexions. This serum sourced from French grape vines is light and sinks in quickly, leaving skin noticeably smoother.

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Scent is very personal and subjective so the gift of fragrance can be hard: will he or she like your picks? This clever collection of 7 mini fragrances almost guarantees there will be something your giftee will like. The cute faux-book box is a lovely presentation for a thoughtful gift.

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Perfect for soothing migraines, calming anxiety, or easing into restful sleep, this unique eye mask features four equally-weighted pods that contour to your face, blocking out the light and providing soothing pressure to help relieve stress. It's strap-free design is crafted from ultra-soft cotton jersey and microfiber fleece, and offers a pull-through loop for comfortable wear. Harnessing the power of Deep Touch Pressure, Nodpod's innovative, strap-free sleep masks apply gentle pressure to help relieve stress and anxiety while promoting deep, restful sleep.

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Yep, it's like a facial sheet mask but for your feet! This foot exfoliant softens calluses and hydrates skin that is often neglected by your daily moisturizing regimen. The lovely botanical scents will help you unwind after a busy day, too.

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Keep your most important accessory close with this clip-on pouch for your personal sanitizer. A playfully printed case helps you locate the included bottle with ease, and can be reused whenver the liquid runs out. It's available in three different hues and fragrances.

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Take care of any knots in your neck, shoulder or back with help from this palm-sized massage ball. You'll just want to slip the studded ball between your shoulder blades and the back of a chair, wall or the floor, and roll to relieve tension. It's perfect for stretch breaks in the middle of the day and comes in both blue and grey.

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Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let this soothing Mario Badescu facial mist transport you somewhere else for a minute. Each nourishing facial spray works two-fold — first, by balancing your complexion and leaving you with a dewy glow, and then by combining notes of aloe, herbs and cucumber for a taste of the tropics. For $21, you'll receive three bottles that you can keep in your desk, purse or even your car.

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Treat yourself to some steam and aromatherapy with a bottle of this De-Stress Shower Oil. The silky oil-to-milk formula combines notes of frankincense, petitgrain and chamomile for a blend that will help clear and reset your mind after a long day.

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Part of the wellness trend is greater consciousness about what we are putting into our bodies and how our behavior affects the planet. These compact net bags you can easily fit into a purse or pocket are a great, convenient way to stay away from landfill-ready bags when shopping.

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Despite its intense aroma — courtesy of tea tree oil and black cumin seed oil — that takes some getting used to, this 1.5 percent salicylic acid medicated face oil can work wonders on a pimple or just keep skin breakouts at bay. And the small bottle seems to last forever.

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Sometimes, the best way to beat stress, anxiety and overwhelm is to keep your hands busy. See for yourself and give one of these cheerful foam balls a squeeze. Clenching and unclenching the ball will help you get out of your head and calm down, while the fun shapes brighten your desk or nightstand.

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With its bracing peppermint flavor and oh-so-pretty package design, this Italian cult toothpaste makes a routine chore feel a little more glamorous and elevated.

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