Painting Kitchen Cabinets Antique White

Get ideas for painting kitchen cabinets antique white.
White Cottage Kitchen With Metal Pendants

White Cottage Kitchen With Metal Pendants

Pale gray-green walls make a serene backdrop against the crisp white cabinetry of this cottage kitchen. The hardwood floors add a note of warmth to the cool color palette.

Photo by: John D Smoak III © John D Smoak III

John D Smoak III, John D Smoak III

Since cabinets are such an important part of a kitchen, it's important to have some in a style and color you love. Consider painting your kitchen cabinets antique white for a color that works well in a variety of styles.

White Cabinet Ideas

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Mid-Century Modern Bedroom With Gold Coffee Table

A white cabinet is paired with a graphic wallpaper in this mid-century modern bedroom. A gold round coffee table is also featured in this space.

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Photo By: Amy Bartlam

Upper and Lower Cabinets Put Vertical Space to Good Use

Although this space is only seven feet wide, it has soaring ceilings that reach 12 feet at their peak. To put all of this vertical space to good use, the walls were outfitted with upper and lower cabinets and a random stripe using four different paint colors.

Photo By: Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

White Cabinet in Bedroom With Graphic Wallpaper

A white cabinet sits in the corner of this bedroom complete with graphic wallpaper. A rug adds texture to the space.

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Photo By: Amy Bartlam

Proper Upper Cabinet Spacing Helps Maximize Space

Anytime you're installing upper cabinets above lower cabinets, leave at least 18 inches of space to allow for a hardworking backsplash area. If you hang them any lower, especially in a spot used as a workstation, it's likely you'll hit your head each time you get up from your chair.

Photo By: Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Kitchen With Shaker-Style Cabinets

If you're stumped as to what style of cabinetry to go with for your home, know that you can never go wrong with simple Shaker style. Characterized by clean lines and a simple inset panel, these cabinets blend well with different styles of interiors and architecture.

Photo By: Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Bright Objects Keeps Corners Light

As seen on America's Most Desperate Kitchens, designers brightened a dark corner space by adding colored plants, fruits and colorful, vintage glass bottles. To help keep the small space feeling open and bright, glass paneled upper cabinets were installed helping to create an authentic, vintage feel to the space.

White Floor-to-Ceiling Shaker Cabinets With Open View

The Shaker-style upper cabinets extend to the ceiling of this white country kitchen and provide an open view to the dishware inside. The floor cabinets conceal their contents.

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Photo By: Kim Cornelison Photography

White Recessed Wall Cabinet With Blue Plates

An interesting piece of decor is created as well as storage space with this white recessed wall cabinet featuring blue patterned plates and red coral.

From: Bea Pila

Cabinet Doors Keep Workstation Supplies Concealed

When space is at a premium and you need access to tools and supplies that create clutter, keep it all concealed behind cabinet doors. Here, a child's art station is equipped with plenty of storage solutions. When the space is not in use, everything remains tucked away and hidden from view.

Photo By: Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Small Kitchen With Two-Toned Cabinets

One of the hottest trends in kitchen design right now is “tuxedo” cabinetry — or two-tone cabinets, usually a darker color on the bottom units with a lighter shade or white on top. Black and white is a classic combo, but gray and white or blue and white create a similar, but softer effect, as in this kitchen. “The two-tone color scheme complemented the stained original pine floors in this over-100-year-old home. And going lighter on the upper cabinets kept this smaller sized kitchen feeling light and open, without sacrificing storage,” says designer Carla Aston. You can get this of-the-minute look with one can of paint — if your cabinets are already white, just paint the lower ones.

Photo By: Miro Dvorscak

A creamy or antique white is a great neutral choice that will look good on cabinets in most kitchen spaces. Antique white kitchen cabinets can create a dreamy vibe in your kitchen and are a great way to calm a usually hectic space. If cabinets feel very old and outdated, use faux finishes to enhance this look in a cool way.

Choosing the right white for your kitchen cabinets can be an overwhelming process since there are so many different shades to choose from. Whites that feel stark or cold will work well in a more modern space with bold colors while antique shades will shine in vintage style or country kitchens. To select the right white, look at the other colors and furniture in your room and choose the white that works well with these other elements. If you want to keep things neutral, use antique white on all of your cabinets. If you want to inject a little color, consider using gray, beige, blue, yellow, or green on your bottom cabinets.

Glazing and distressing are two techniques that can also be used to give your cabinets an antique look. To glaze your cabinets, you'll create or choose a glaze mixture and brush it onto your cabinets using a paint brush or foam brush. You'll need to repeat this process until you get your desired look; it can take a while.

Distressed cabinets appear older than they are and work well in a shabby chic space. When distressing your cabinets, roughen them up using a key to create lines and indentations. An ice pick or fork can also work to create holes in the surface, or you can strike the cabinets with a chain to create indentations and other imperfections. Sanding can also give cabinets a worn appearance, especially if your cabinets are painted.

A crackle finish can make your cabinets look like the paint is old and sun-cracked. Paint your cabinets with a store-bought crackling medium and let it dry. While the medium dries, it tends to shrink or crack and will make your cabinets look old and aged.

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