42 Best Kitchen Sinks for Every Style and Space

Take the bore out of your daily chores with our favorite kitchen sinks for every style, space and budget.

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February 23, 2022

Sourced everything but the kitchen sink for your kitchen design or upcoming remodel? You are in the right place. Though often overlooked, the sink is an integral part of the power triangle in kitchen design: the refrigerator, the stove and the sink. The kitchen sink brings efficiency to daily life by streamlining general cleaning and meal prep.

A quick Google search will flood you with endless kitchen sink options to sift through, but take it from me: all kitchen sinks are not equal. Consider it crucial to invest in the type of kitchen sink that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

I’m breaking down six popular kitchen sink styles, as well as the advantages for each. Plus, we have curated a list of the best options for each category to make your shopping a breeze. Keep reading to get the scoop on apron-front, under-mount and double-basins, then snag the sink of your dreams in the links below.

Best Apron-Front Kitchen Sinks

Apron-front (or farmhouse) kitchen sinks combine form with function and are sought after by homeowners and designers alike. This roomy sink style features a deeper basin than standard sinks and an iconic exposed front that protrudes slightly from surrounding lower cabinets. The statement-making silhouette is available in various materials and finishes to create a jaw-dropping focal point in kitchens of all design persuasions.

Snag the apron-front sink of your dreams; use your existing kitchen finishes or design style as your muse. A classic, white fireclay or cast-iron apron-front sink makes a seamless fit for a farmhouse and cottage kitchen. Inky black or industrial steel apron-front sinks are failproof picks for modern or contemporary cookeries, while hammered copper or brass is well suited for glamorous or traditional designs.


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Best Drop-In Kitchen Sinks

A drop-in (or top-mount) kitchen sink is aptly named as it installs into a pre-cut hole in the lower cabinets by dropping it in from above. The popular, budget-friendly option is worth considering if you want to refresh your kitchen without reconfiguring or replacing your existing counters (read: breaking the bank) in the process.

Drop-in kitchen sinks are available in every material and finish imaginable, so you have plenty of options. If you're unsure which drop-in sink is best for your kitchen, determine whether you want your sink to shine as a focal point in your design or if you want it to take a backseat and blend into your countertops. Invest in a deep black or charcoal drop-in sink to bring edgy contrast to your modern white kitchen. If uniformity is more your vibe, install a white fireclay sink for a cohesive visual.


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Best Under-Mount Kitchen Sinks

Another properly named kitchen sink style: the under-mount kitchen sink. Under-mount kitchen sinks are named for their installation process. Unlike the drop-in sinks outlined above, under-mount sinks install into a pre-cut hole in the countertop, from below. This technique ensures a sleek, seamless and rim-free transition from the countertop and the sink basin.

Under-mount sinks are advantageous across the board but one of the main selling points for this kitchen sink style is that cleaning is a breeze. The rim-free installation ensures no tiny nook or cranny is waiting to fill with crumbs and dust on your countertop. Pro tip: Skip this style if you have laminate counters. Under-mount kitchen sinks work best when paired with waterproof countertops like quartz, granite or other durable natural stones.


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Best Single-Basin Kitchen Sinks

If soaking pots, pans and dishes is your MO, then a single-basin (or single-bowl) kitchen sink is the way to go. This sink style has (you guessed it!) one basin, a single drain and no middle divider. Single-basin sinks are great options for small kitchens because they are typically deeper than wide, requiring less counter space than a double-basin kitchen sink.

You can snag a single-basin kitchen sink for your home in popular styles like apron-front, under-mount and drop-in. The best part? These dish-ready beauties are also available in materials like cast iron hammered metals and fireclay to suit all kitchen design styles.


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Best Double-Basin Kitchen Sinks

Double-basin kitchen sinks are the go-to for anyone who appreciates organization. As the name suggests, a double-basin (or double-bowl) kitchen sink features two basins separated by a divider. Some double-basin designs feature dual drains and an even, 50/50 divide between each side; others boast a single drain and a 60/40 separation.

This sink style is a popular pick for dishwashing, with washers using one side to soak plates in soapy water and the second side to rinse them clean. The dual-bowl design also offers streamlined food prep space and parking for dirty cooking utensils while preparing meals.


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Best Prep Kitchen Sinks

A prep sink is a pint-sized fixture packed with style potential. This practical feature is prime for entertaining as it provides hosts and hostesses with an out-of-the-way space to prep food and drinks without interfering with the main kitchen sink. Bonus? The small-scale design allows you to go bold with a luxurious material or flashy finish — without breaking your budget to do so.

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