Unique Planter Ideas That Are Sure to Grow on You

Terra cotta no more! These unique potting solutions will make you green with envy and might just inspire a trip to the greenhouse.

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These clever planter ideas are anything but boring!

Whether you’re an avid plant parent or don’t have a green thumb, one thing is certain. All plants need a place to make their home. So why not add some pop to your greenery by changing up their living quarters? Give these six unexpected planters a chance to change the way you look at potting.

Snapshot Pot

Photo by: Jaylnn Baker

Jaylnn Baker

Take photo inspiration to a whole new level with this potential potting idea. Begin with a camera lens coffee mug, and remove the lid. Place a scoop of small rocks into the base of the mug for drainage. Then add potting soil. Finally, add vegetation. Something that requires little space and water would be perfectly suited for this picture perfect plant home. Display as you would a favorite snapshot, and let art and plant lovers alike gush over it.

Measuring Plant

Photo by: Jaylnn Baker

Jaylnn Baker

Thrifted measuring cups create a wonderfully rustic environment for a houseplant. Fill each of the measuring cups with a thin layer of small rocks, and cover in potting soil. Add your desired plants.. Cluster several measuring cups together for a catchy kitchen display — perfect for a windowsill or breakfast nook!

Keep on Truckin'

Photo by: Jaylnn Baker

Jaylnn Baker

An old toy truck is a potting solution certain to please plant lovers of all ages. Be sure the toy truck has a large enough truck bed to contain the potting soil and plant life. Fill the truck bed with small rocks and potting soil. Once planted, it is ready to roll. This planter provides the perfect place to house indoor or outdoor-loving greenery.

Hanging Colander

Photo by: Jaylnn Baker

Jaylnn Baker

It’s not just for pasta night anymore. Turn your colander into a hanging planter that can transform your kitchen corner into a dreamy greenhouse. Because of the numerous holes in the colander, begin by placing a coco liner on the inside of the colander. Next, add small rocks, potting soil and finally, plants. String up with twine to display your new creation. Add more strands of twine until you have created enough support for the weight of the colander planter. This is the perfect place to plant your go-to cooking herbs for easy, fresh access whenever they’re needed.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Photo by: Jaylnn Baker

Jaylnn Baker

Do your rain boots have holes or simply don’t fit? Repurposing rain boots has never been this adorable or easy. Begin your porch transformation by adding rocks to the bottom of the boots. Next, add a layer of potting soil and your desired plants for the perfect front-stoop adorner.

Toolbox Takeover

Photo by: Jaylnn Baker

Jaylnn Baker

Step aside tools; you no longer rule the toolbox roost. Take a toolbox from drab to fab with the help of an old or unused box. Fill the bottom with small rocks, and add potting soil. Add desired plants and create the planter box of your dreams. This potting solution will not only look quaint indoors, but it  will fit perfectly in nature as well. 

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