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35+ Upcycled Container Gardens and Yard Art Made on the Cheap

There's no need to spend big bucks on planters, flower pots and outdoor decor. Look around the house or scour thrift stores and flea markets for unique items to add personality to your patio.

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Turn a Wheelbarrow Into an Overflowing Garden

This wheelbarrow almost looks as if it got mistakenly left out in the yard and the flowers took over and made it their home.

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Photo: Jacquelyn McGilvray

Upcycle Pants for Petunias

For a cheeky display, hang old blue jeans along a fence or clothesline and fill them with annuals. No need to fill the entire legs with good topsoil, stuff the bottoms with unamended dirt, packing peanuts or old burlap bags.

planting and caring for petunias

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Photo: Jaylnn Baker

Reuse a Strainer

Colanders make great planters since they already have drainage holes. Fill with coco liner, small rocks, potting soil and plants, then add twine to hang.

DIY Hanging Planter Ideas You Have To Try

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Score a Hat Trick

Give old hats new life as hanging gardens. Baseball hats make instant flower pot covers. Simply open the sizing tabs in the back, slip the opening around the base of the plant and snap the tabs closed again. On straw, felt or fabric hats, cut a hole into the front or top and gently feed the plant stems through the hole.

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