Transform Your Old Sweater Into an Ultra-Cozy Pet Bed

Give your four-legged friends a warm and cozy hug — all the time — with an upcycled sweater bed.

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DIY Sweater Pet Bed
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Materials + Tools

  • long-sleeve sweater
  • pillow stuffing
  • foam
  • needle + thread
  • dressmaker pins
  • scissors

Step One

Lay the sweater flat on a table. Fold the collar inside the sweater, then sew the opening shut with a needle and thread. Note: Choose a thread that blends in or coordinates with your sweater.

Step Two

Sew from the left armpit to the right armpit, creating an arch about three inches from the collar.

DIY Pet Bed, Step 5b

Photo by: Andy Vinson

Andy Vinson

Step Three

Add pillow stuffing to both arms.

DIY Pet Bed, Step 6a

Photo by: Andy Vinson

Andy Vinson

Step Four

Insert foam into the sweater body.

DIY Pet Bed, Step 7

Photo by: Andy Vinson

Andy Vinson

Step Five

Fold the bottom of the sweater inside, then sew shut with a needle and thread.

DIY Pet Bed, Step 10a

Photo by: Andy Vinson

Andy Vinson

Step Six

Put the left sleeve into the right sleeve, then sew together with a needle and thread.

DIY Pet Bed, Step 8

Photo by: Andy Vinson

Andy Vinson

Step Seven

Sew the stuffed arms to the body of the sweater with a needle and thread.

DIY Pet Bed, Step 11b

Photo by: Andy Vinson

Andy Vinson

Step Eight

Fluff and form the bed to create a cozy nap spot for your furry friends.

DIY Pet Bed, Step 12a

Photo by: Andy Vinson

Andy Vinson

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