How to Craft a Cute + Cozy DIY Cat Hammock

Looking for a way to add some cozy cat furniture to your living room without it looking like cat furniture? We’ve got the purr-fect solution!

April 02, 2021
Show: HGTV Happy

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DIY Side Table Cat Hammock
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Let’s face it. Cat furniture? It’s going to the dogs. Though pet companies try their hardest to make it fashionable, it’s just not that easy. But what if we told you that with a few modifications, you could transform an existing furniture piece and hand towel into something more feline friendly? Here’s how!

Materials Needed

  • metal-framed side table with lower lateral supports
  • 1/2" jute rope
  • grommet kit
  • hand towel
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • faux fur

Wrap Table Legs

Start by flipping a metal-framed side table upside down. Ideally, you should use a small side table with lateral supports on the bottom to help hold the jute rope in place. Once flipped, wrap 1/2-inch jute rope around a leg by tying at the bottom and wrapping to the top, then tie off in a knot and swing the remainder over the lateral supports (Images 1-3). Use scissors to cut off the rope, leaving plenty of excess (Image 4). Repeat on the remaining three legs (Image 5).

Create Hammock

For the hammock, you’ll need a strong hand towel. Fold the towel over once to double up and use a grommet kit to place grommets in each of the corners. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific grommet kit when installing, just be sure to use grommets that will fit your jute rope. For most grommet kits, this process will involve using a cutting tool to create the hole, sliding the grommet in place, then using a grommet tool to fasten the grommet (Images 1-4).

Attach Hammock

To attach the hammock, slide each of the four ropes into the corresponding grommets and tie off in a knot (Image 1). The goal is to have 6 inches of rope above the grommets. Once tied, cut off the excess using scissors (Image 2).

Final Steps

To finish off your four-legged friend’s new pad, just throw a cozy piece of faux fur on the base. It’s meow move-in ready!

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