3 Ways to Enhance Your First Apartment

Making do with a bare-bones apartment? Add a touch of luxury with these clever ideas.

3 Products to Improve Apartment Living 02:13

Carley presents three products that will make apartment life easier.

Most of us live in spaces that we wish were just a little bit bigger. But even a small home or apartment can feel expansive, thanks to some high-tech upgrades.

If you’ve got a super-small kitchen, chances are you’ve had to forgo a dishwasher to conserve some precious cabinet space, but that means that when it’s time to clean up, you’re on your own. Have I mentioned that doing dishes is my least favorite thing in the world? If you’re cooking for a large crowd, or just want a little assistance in the dish department every now and then, you might want to try a portable dishwasher. Plop it on your kitchen counter and hook it up to the faucet, and it will clean six place settings at once. Perfect for a dinner party or when you just. Can’t. Deal. With the dishes.

8 Ways to Upgrade Your First Apartment

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Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner

You’re working late on a hot night (gotta make rent!) and dread coming home to a muggy apartment, but can’t afford to run the A/C all day. Enter Aros, a smart air conditioner that learns your cooling patterns, switches off when you’re away, turns on when you’re back — and can be controlled via app.

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Belkin WeMo

Think your little place can’t impress guests? It can once you demo the way you control your lights, coffee maker and even security cameras via app. The WeMo smart home system is ultra-slick and just as affordable: Pick your devices, and build it one switch, bulb and appliance at a time.

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Magic Chef Countertop Dishwasher

If your place didn’t come with a dishwasher — mainly because there’s no room for one — here’s your solution. This foot-and-a-half-tall machine can handle six place settings, so you can entertain without spending the whole next morning washing silverware.

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Kwikset Kevo

Maybe you want to give an extra key to a dog walker, but hate the idea of leaving keys floating around. Or when your roomie turns out to be cray-cray, you don’t want the hassle of changing locks. Kevo, a Wi-Fi-enabled lock system, offers digital keys that you can assign, activate and deactivate at will. Your phone or a key fob electronically unlocks the door.

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iRobot Roomba

While you’re at work, the famous round robot uses navigation tech to whir through all of your place’s nooks and crannies, sucking up dust, lint, pet hair and some of the who-knows-what from the last tenant. You can even schedule it. It avoids stairs, skips over cables and might also amuse your cat.

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Unhampered Fold-Flat Laundry Basket

If you hardly have room for your clothing, let alone a hamper, a collapsible pick like this one is a smart space-saver. Fold it when you’re not using it, and it slides into a sliver of space — say, between a washer and dryer.

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SmartSense Multi Sensor

How cool would it be to know via text when your mail has been delivered, whether you left a door open or even if someone has moved items in your apartment? Leave it to SmartThings. Pair the hub with the SmartSense Multi Sensor, and it can detect movement, vibrations and even temperature changes in your place.

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Clever Doormat

I can’t promise that this doormat will fend off burglars, but it will give your guests a chuckle, and it’s guaranteed to clean the bottoms of your shoes. (And hey, it might put off a would-be thief.)

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Sharing a laundry room with the entire apartment building is not a fun endeavor. Scouring your sofa for quarters, running up and down the elevator waiting for the cycle to finish, and coming back at the end of your cycle to see that someone else has handled your unmentionables. But without a washer and dryer of your very own, what’s an apartment dweller to do? Get a Laundry Pod, that’s what! It’s basically a big salad spinner for up to 10 articles of clothing: Add your water and detergent, put on the lid, and then spin your stains away! When you’re done with the rinse cycle, a tube spills out the water into the sink. Then spin again and hang to dry. Doing your laundry just got a lot cheaper, easier on the planet and tiny-apartment-friendly.

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Now that the chores are done, I want to sit back and relax in my den by the fire. Except, I don’t have a den … or a fireplace for that matter. No worry: A portable fireplace needs no hook-up to gas or chimney, because it runs on two replaceable cans of gel fuel. Hey, it’s not a real fire, but it’s ambiance, and you can take it anywhere, even on to your balcony.

Who says a small space needs to be small on features and good design? Maybe what your space needs is a high-tech upgrade!

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