3 Smart Closet Upgrades

We've rounded up three products that will help you maximize your space, keep your outfits organized and prolong the life of your clothes.
Tools to Upgrade Your Closet
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Closet space. Is there any commodity more precious? I think not. And yet it’s always in short supply, anywhere I have ever lived. So while I dream of a palatial saunter-in closet with a folding island and other luxe amenities, I’ll be on the hunt for small things — and high tech— that can give my small closet a big upgrade.

Many closets have tons of vertical space, which is pretty impractical (I’ve found that if you can’t reach it, you’re never going to wear it.) Exception? This telescoping rod from Rev-A-Shelf that you can pull down, load up with clothes, then send to the out-of-reach regions of your closet. It’s like adding a third rod to your storage that’s easy to yank down when you need it. This is a great space-saving solution, and also fabulous for seniors or anyone who has trouble reaching high spaces. Because fashion should never be out of reach! (Ahem.)

Cool Closet Organizing Gadgets

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When grappling with life’s most challenging question, “What am I going to wear?” my closet can become a battleground, full of tossed sweaters and projectile shoes. Sometimes I wish I had a personal stylist at my side, putting together ensembles and helping me get dressed. Mirrow.me is the next best thing: An app that organizes your entire wardrobe into coordinated outfits, and even factors in the weather to make sure you’ve got the right layers on if it’s breezy. Just enter your clothing in one at a time (this could take a while, but hey, it might be a good time to prune your wardrobe!) and the app does the rest. You can even share outfits and get feedback from friends.

Lastly, a revolution in clothing care! You know when you wear something that isn’t quite dirty but definitely needs some freshening up before a second wear? How do you handle those clothes without washing them (AKA shortening their life) or taking them to the dry cleaner (AKA shortening your finances)?  A Swash machine takes that not-quite-dirty article of clothing and freshens it, smooths its wrinkles, and shrinks it back to its original form factor, all in 10 minutes.  Just insert a single-serve-coffee-style pod into the machine and press a button — steam and magical scented solution work their magic on nearly anything you can wash, and some stuff you can’t, like lace, sequins and other delicates. Cheaper than a trip to the dry cleaner, and a lot gentler on your clothes, Swashing is my new favorite pastime. 

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