5 Christmas Pillow Ideas That Use Your Regular Pillows

No throw pillows were harmed in the making of these Christmas pillows.

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You don’t know sticker shock until you shop for throw pillows. $50 for a single pillow? Come on! And while it may be tempting to splurge on a few Christmas pillows for the holidays, don't forget that on top of that extra expense, it is now your duty to store said pillows for the 11 months they are not in use. Is it worth it to you? If not, use these simple tips and tricks to temporarily shift your precious throw pillows into holiday mode.

Blanket Scarf Surprise

Two Throw Pillows Decorated With Holiday Touches

Two Holiday Throw Pillows Sitting On a Sofa

These two ordinary throw pillows have been added on to with festive touches. A plaid blanket scarf makes one look cozy and seasonal while a simple white bow makes the other look like a Christmas present.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

To turn an ordinary throw pillow into a cheery Christmas pillow with a festive pattern, look no further than your favorite blanket scarf. An oversized scarf with a plaid pattern works perfectly for this look. Lay the scarf out flat, place the pillow on top and begin to fold the sides over to the front, tucking as you go. Finish off the look by tying the last flaps into a square knot and tucking the remaining fabric out of sight. Now you have an adorable holiday pillows and a perfectly intact pillow and scarf.

Oh, Christmas Tree

A Gray Throw Pillow Wrapped With a Felt Christmas Tree

A Felt Christmas Tree Tied To a Gray Throw Pillow

This Christmas Tree has been cut out of green felt and tied to a gray throw pillow using candy cane yarn. The no-sew holiday decor is a perfect temporary solution.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

If you have a beautiful, yet plain throw pillow, it’s the perfect candidate for a Christmas tree makeover. Grab some green felt and use a ruler and a pencil to draw a Christmas tree shape. Cut the tree out with scissors and place it on the front of the pillow. To hold the tree in place until the holiday season is over, simple wrap candy cane yarn around the tree and pillow and tie off on the back. Damage free, reusable and easy, flat storage? What's not to like?

Buttoned-Up Beauty

Two Festive Holiday Throw Pillows On a Couch

Two Throw Pillows With Temporary Holiday Decor Touches

These two ordinary throw pillows have been transformed using burlap and a flannel shirt to look festive and ready for the holiday season.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

To create a cozy flannel pillow, thrift a festive flannel shirt and cut off the sleeves. Next, cut the top and bottom off to create a square or rectangular shape (depending on the shape of your pillow). Take your scissors and cut squares out of each corner before cutting along the sides to separate the back from the front. To make covering your pillow a breeze, cut fringed strips along every side of the two flannel pieces. Once finished, place a small pillow between the two pieces and begin tying the strips from the front and back pieces together until the pillow is tightly secured inside of the shirt. Once the holidays are over, just unbutton the shirt and remove the pillow. For even more holiday cheer, hot glue a small felt Christmas tree to the shirt pocket.

Bring Some Burlap Joy

Two Holiday Throw Pillows Sitting on a Sofa

Throw Pillows With Temporary Holiday Decor Elements

These throw pillows have been upgraded using temporary elements to make them more holiday appropriate. Burlap and ribbon were attached in a no-sew fashion for easy removal.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Wrap a thick piece of burlap ribbon around a pillow once and cut to length. Place the ribbon on a scrap piece of cardboard and tape large stencils spelling the word “JOY” on the front of it. Paint with red acrylic paint inside the stencils and let dry. Cut along the edge of the ribbon using scissors and pull a string of fabric out to create a fringed look. Wrap the ribbon around the pillow again and connect at the back using safety pins.

Quick-and-Easy Bow

A Bright Red Throw Pillow With a Bold White Bow

A Red Velvet Throw Pillow With a Temporary Seasonal Addition

This ordinary red throw pillow has been given an upgrade for the holiday season. A large white bow has been tied around the pillow to make it look like a Christmas present.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

If you have a large velvet pillow in red or green, all you need is a thick white ribbon and some scissors to create a pillow packed with holiday cheer. Just tie a beautiful bow around your pillow as if you were wrapping a large present and cut decorative ends using your scissors. It really doesn’t get easier than that.

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