How to Make a Cardboard Holiday Fireplace

Save those TV boxes from Black Friday and turn them into a charming fireplace for Christmas.

November 24, 2019

DIY Cardboard Fireplace 08:19

Karen makes a cozy faux fireplace out of a cardboard box to dress up her apartment for the holidays.

Materials + Tools

  • large cardboard boxes
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • pencil
  • metal ruler
  • cutting mat
  • hot glue gun + sticks
  • wide masking tape and/or packing tape
  • black spray paint
  • white cardstock
  • double sided tape

Draw Fireplace Shape

Cut open your cardboard box to get large sheets of cardboard. Tape to the wall and draw your fireplace shape.

Cut out Fireplace Front

Refine your fireplace shape with a ruler and pencil, and cut out with a craft knife.

Add Interior Sides

Cut cardboard rectangles to fit the sides of the fireplace opening. Tape into place with packing tape. Reinforce your seams by scoring cardboard to create a right angle. Hot glue into the corner and add cardboard triangles. Bend a thinner piece of cardboard to get a curve and glue to the top of the fireplace shape.

Add Exterior Sides

Repeat those steps to add cardboard rectangles to the outside of the fireplace. Reinforce with cardboard supports as needed so the fireplace keeps its shape.

Make Mantelpiece

Draw your mantelpiece shape on another large piece of cardboard. Cut it out and glue and tape it together.

Cover Seams

Cover any exposed seams with wide masking tape. Tape the back of the mantel to the back of the fireplace and add hot glue underneath.


Spray paint black. Once dry, bring inside and tape black paper to the wall behind the fireplace.

Add Bricks

Cut brick shapes from white cardstock. Attach with double-sided tape.


Decorate Cardboard Fireplace

DIY Cardboard Holiday Fireplace: Decorate

Decorate with lightweight Christmas decorations and fill the fireplace with battery-powered Christmas lights and faux candles.

Photo by: Karen Kavett

Karen Kavett

Decorate with lightweight Christmas decorations and fill the fireplace with battery-powered Christmas lights and faux candles.

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