How to Paint a Mudcloth-Inspired Pumpkin

Give your decorative gourds a globe-trotting look this Halloween with deep indigo paint and etched gold detail.

Shibori Pumpkin

Blue Shibori Pumpkin

The Shibori-inspired decor of this pretty painted pumpkin will look beautiful on a front porch or as a dinner table centerpiece.

Photo by: Kristin Guy,

Kristin Guy,

With their bright indigo color and hand-painted glam gold etching, these delicately-dressed gourds will stop your neighbors in their tracks. We’re making a play on the shibori/mud cloth textile trend with unique pumpkins that will look sophisticatedly-chic on your front porch or dining room table!

What You'll Need

  • pumpkin (real or faux)
  • navy blue spray paint
  • painters tape
  • serrated carving tool or citrus zester
  • liquid gold leaf
  • fine paint brush


Photo by: Kristin Guy,

Kristin Guy,

Tape the stem of your pumpkin with painters tape and spray even coats of navy blue spray paint all over. Allow to dry fully before removing tape.

Etch Out Your Design

Photo by: Kristin Guy,

Kristin Guy,

Using a serrated carving tool or fruit zester (anything with a sharp point really), etch out patterns down your pumpkin. Try combinations such as upside down V’s and dots. Hatch marks are also inspired patterns for the Shibori look as long as they are repeated in a linear fashion. Don’t worry about precision or cracking paint, these imperfections provide the perfect texture for that hand-dyed look!

Add Glam With Gold

Photo by: Kristin Guy,

Kristin Guy,

Using a fine brush and liquid gold leaf, add gilding to your carved etchings.

Put Your Pumpkin on Display

Faux Copper Geometric Air Planter

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Photo by: Shain Rievley

Shain Rievley

Allow gold leaf to dry and display indoors or out for a flameless look that is still on fire!

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