Tour a Globally-Inspired + Eclectic Atlanta Home

Atlanta designer Katelyn Roundtree of Terracotta Design Build creates a cohesive style for a globe-trotting client's eclectic accessories.

Photo By: Jeff Herr

Photo By: Jeff Herr

Photo By: Jeff Herr

Photo By: Jeff Herr

Photo By: Jeff Herr

Photo By: Jeff Herr

Photo By: Jeff Herr

Photo By: Jeff Herr

Photo By: Jeff Herr

Photo By: Jeff Herr

Unifying an Eclectic Collection

Terracotta Design Build's client wanted to incorporate her globe-trotting collections into her new Atlanta home in the Buckhead section of the city. Due to the homeowner's eclectic collection of art and accessories, lead designer Katelyn Roundtree had to find a simple way to unify the pieces. Roundtree used the homeowner's existing pieces to create a cohesive style with new foundation furnishings, color and accessories. "Find something that is a unifying object, whether it be a rug, or a piece of art, or simply a throw pillow," says Roundtree for homeowners undertaking a home design project. "Sometimes that's where you can find the most inspiration."

Shades of Blue

Color is a simple way to unify a space. "You can really force a color when it isn't necessarily a theme in the space," Roundtree explains. "It’s a common trick we designers like to use." The focal piece of the sitting room is a mosaic art piece of a bear featuring many shades of blues and greens. "We started pulling the blue from that," says Roundtree. "That was a really big design driver." The blues are seen in the ottoman, throw pillows, vases and other accessories.

Texture, Texture + Texture

"This room was also really very heavy on texture," says Roundtree, "Which is what gives it so much of its visual interest." Multiple textural elements help create harmony. "Even though there is a lot of texture," says Roundtree, "the fact that texture is an ongoing theme in the whole space pulls everything together."


The ceilings are very high in the home, and that height is very apparent in the foyer. "We needed a piece that would be able to handle the height of the space without taking up too much real estate on the floor," explains Roundtree. The focal point of the foyer is a custom made chest. "We let the grain of the chest be the show-stopper," says Roundtree "and then topped it off with the hardware-or jewelry as we like to call it." The two beautiful lamps with a leaf detail bring a little bit of the old-world eclectic feel while keeping it very classic and clean at the same time.

Bold Graphics

The small powder room offered an opportunity to do something unexpected in the home. Roundtree convinced the homeowner to go bold with a high contrast black and white powder room. "We are obsessed with this the Queen of Spain wallpaper from Schumacher," says Roundtree. "This amazing wallpaper bridges so many different styles-it’s modern, traditional and a little bit of everything in one lovely paper."

Warm it Up

Keeping with the blue color palette, Katelyn Roundtree and her team pulled the blues into the breakfast nook and kitchen. The room features a simple trestle table with a bench cushion upholstered in Schumacher fabric. "We started bringing in some reds to warm the space up," explains Roundtree. "Everything was starting to get very cool with all the blues and whites." The merlot-colored pillows pick up on the contrast well in the seat cushion, and the ginger jars pull that global feel into the space.

Classic Pieces

"Since there are so many different styles, we tried to keep it unified with classic pieces," says Roundtree. The Chesterfield sofa is the anchor piece in the living room. "You can do anything with a Chesterfield," explains Roundtree. "You can go modern, traditional, old world-it really bridges all of the different types of design."

Area Rug

"The side chairs have classic lines and with a blue velvet it kind of acts as a bold neutral," says Roundtree. The accessories infuse the space with the homeowner’s global eclectic mix. The area rug brings the whole room together by echoing the blues, ivories and patterns in the room.

Play up the Color

The homeowner’s global style is most evident in her master bedroom. "She already had these beautiful bone inlay tables that brought some really great texture, but they needed some visual weight," says Roundtree. Her team created custom ottomans upholstered in dark green velvet that fit under the bone inlay side tables to help ground them. "We decided to play up the color as well," Roundtree explains. "The one unifying element in here are those Asian style pillows with all of the colors in them."

Style Mix

In the master bedroom’s reading nook, the team mixed classic pieces with Moroccan elements throughout the space. The perforated metal Moroccan pendant is paired with classic pharmacy lamps. The simple chairs are upholstered in a fun herringbone pattern with a pop of soft blue. "The Moroccan details show up in the nail heads on the ottoman," Roundtree explains, "The rug is a custom-made rug-it's a modern take on a Moroccan rug with beautiful little tufts that come up through it that are silk fibers."

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