10 Stylish Mail Organizers That'll Help You Avoid the Annoying Junk Mail Pileup

Stop shoving mail into a drawer only to be rediscovered during your next big move. Use these attractive organizers instead.

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February 07, 2020

We’ve been receiving less and less mail each year — about 70 percent less than we did in 1996, according to the Postal Service. Even still, it somehow manages to pile up into unsightly heaps.

These stylish and useful letter organizers can tame even the biggest stacks of bills, notices and those college alumni magazines you really will get around to reading someday. These organizers are made to be seen. You might even find yourself wishing for more mail.

Plant this minimalistic organizer on your desk or kitchen counter to keep the most important mail within sight. There's even a space in the front where you can store your planner or a pocket notebook for to-do lists.

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These storage bins stick to any magnetic surface. They hold up to 10 pounds, which should be more than enough for even the most serious of mail hoarders.

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This elegant, gold wire letter sorter will make any mail look like it was meant to be there. Its three pockets hold letters, large envelopes and magazines.

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Store letters upright in this fabric-covered organizer so you don't lose track of mail that requires a response.

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Stack these small (and cute) storage drawers to tuck mail out of sight. They come in a wide variety of patterns and colors so you can match any room.

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These old vinyl records curved into pockets are a unique way to store your letters while adding a pop of personality to a room.

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Keep track of keys, upcoming appointments and "don't forgets" with this wooden organizer's mini chalkboard. Install it right by the front door.

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If you've got a big family (or just a lot of mail), this organizer will help separate whose is whose. Plus, with a cubby for everyone, you can send each other little notes via your intra-house postal system.

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This rolling cart can organize letters and magazines as well as other items, like snail mail writing supplies. Hooks on the side let you hang important tools like scissors, a lint brush, pot holders, etc.

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We love this handmade organizer crafted from leather and wood. You can personalize it to add your family's last name on one of the pockets.

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