10 Ways to Add Value to a Kitchen Remodel

You get what you pay for; that is especially true when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Learn what’s worth the extra cost and what upgrades you can skip.

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Choose a Stronger Sink

If you’re going stainless, research sink options that are 16-gauge stainless steel, rather than 18-22 gauge options. This is because 16-gauge steel is thicker (it measures 1/16"), which offers more resistance against dings and dents. If you shop around, you won’t see much price difference between the 16- and 18-gauge options, but the two are typically more expensive than the 20-22 gauge models, which are less durable overall.

Install Radiant Heat Below the Floor

Radiant heat is more cost-effective than conventional heat because you're not losing any heat through ductwork and it is warming you to the touch every time you walk on it. A gut renovation is the best time to install radiant heat, but if you have access to the space beneath your kitchen via the basement, you may be able to retrofit radiant heating without tearing up the floor.

Opt for Induction Over Electric

If you’re in search of a flat glass cooktop, be sure to check out induction options. Costs are becoming more competitive, they’re highly energy efficient, and performance exceeds electric glass cooktop options.

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Add Recessed Lights

Don’t rely solely on pendants or under-counter lights when it comes to kitchen lighting. Recessed lights are a subtle and affordable way to brighten a space when you need the extra light. Consider having these lights on a dimmer to give you flexibility. If you're not doing a full gut-job to your kitchen you can still add recessed lighting in an existing kitchen to improve its value and overall function.

Be Choosy About Switches + Outlets

Modern electrical options go far beyond dimmer vs. no-dimmer. Consider every switch and outlet in your kitchen, and decide how you’ll use them. You may find that some would be more convenient for USBs or nightlights, wi-fi or motion-activation. The radiant® charger shown here enables Qi wireless phone charging to really cut back on countertop clutter.

Invest in Coordinated Appliances

Matching appliances create consistency which adds value, but you can also maximize your financial investment by purchasing an appliance bundle. If there’s a specific fridge or oven you’ve been eyeing, be sure to ask if there’s an opportunity for a discount if you bundle multiple appliances in one purchase.

Choose the Right Venting

The right cooktop vent can add tremendous functionality and value, so learn about all of the bells and whistles before making this big investment. Drop-down overhead hoods are common and available to suit all home styles and downdraft options are an affordable alternative for homes where a hood isn’t ideal, and many cooktops also come with the option for built-in venting. Additionally, you might find that a vent that mounts flush to your ceiling, such as the one shown here, offers the right balance of subtlety and functionality to your kitchen.

Incorporate Pop-Out Outlets

Conventional outlets are not that attractive, especially against your beautiful new backsplash and cabinets. Consider pop-out plugs. They remain safe and discrete while not in use but are there for you when you need them. This is also a great option if you feel as though local codes require you to have more outlets than what you would use.

Embrace the Mini Fridge

Under-counter built-in refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers are tremendously functional, and the kind of accessory you didn't know you needed until you have one. Commonly sized to fit in place of 15" or 24" cabinet bases, you’ll be surprised how convenient it is to have these compact appliances in your life.

Get Creative With Convenience Appliances

While microwaves are a norm mounted below the upper cabinets, sitting on a countertop or on an open shelf, if space allows, consider incorporating a drawer microwave into your cabinetry or kitchen island. There is extra value in having appliances built-in and out of the way.

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