8 Products for Organizing a Chaotic Closet

It’s dark in there. Dense. Vines drape down and obscure the light … well, fine, those are actually sweater arms, but you get the picture. It’s time to tame this tangled and treacherous space, and we’ve found the best gadgets and storage options to handle the job. Domesticate your wild closet with these tips.

Photo By: Rev-A-Shelf LLC

Photo By: Rev-A-Shelf

Photo By: Simple Human

Photo By: Umbra

Photo By: Quirky

Photo By: Adept Studios

Photo By: Improvements

Photo By: Home Depot

Fold-Out Ironing Board

Install a pop-up ironing board, like this model from Rev-A-Shelf, into a closet drawer and you’ll be able to touch up your clothing without having to wrestle with that beast of a regular ironing board. In can be installed in any drawer that has an opening between 14-1/4" and 21" wide. If only all wrinkles would disappear so easily.

Pull-Down Closet Rod

Straining to reach those too-high spaces? This ingenious side mounted, pull-down closet rod lets you maximize closet space. It comes in three sizes and is adjustable from 34" to 50".  Hang clothes you don’t need every day on it, then send them up for out-of-the-way storage.

X-Frame Laundry Hamper

Go on, slam-dunk your towels into Simple Human’s x-frame laundry hamper, it can take it. The hamper is made from heavy-gauge steel bars, and has a wide, non-skid base to keep it stable. It has handles so you can pick the whole thing up to take it to the washer, and politely folds flat for storage. 

Stylish Scarf Organizer

Ah, a scarf organizer that doesn’t scream, “old lady style!” Umbra’s fleur scarf hanger hangs from the closet rod and holds scarves and belts in place with a modern, fresh design. 

Folding Hangers

Watch in amazement as you remove a blouse from its hanger … with one hand! Folding hangers by Quirky pop open and closed for easy removal from the closet. They also allow you to insert a hanger without having to stretch out the shirt collar or unbutton the top button. Magic, indeed. 

Folding Board

With apologies to Kenny Rogers, “you gotta know when to fold ‘em.” Folding boards, like these FlipFOLD by Debbee, save time in the laundry room, but also save valuable space in closets and drawers. Clothing folds flatter, which also comes in handy when packing a suitcase. 

Shoe Storage Ottoman

Psst! This plush, microsuede ottoman is secretly storing 10 pairs of shoes within its 20 shoe pockets. Your spouse does not need to know about this. The lid has an anti-slam feature, so you can access your covert shoe stash safely.  

Wireless Sensor Light

Fling open your closet door and a motion sensing 10-LED wireless sensor closet light will turn on. It features LED FloodLight technology, for ultra-bright, glare-free light that lets you clearly see the colors of clothing. It’s easy to install and if you remove it from the wall bracket, it can double as an emergency flashlight. 

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