5 Genius Uses for Old, Scratched Vinyl Records

It's time to take those old records off the shelf and put them to good use!

5 Ways to Upcycle Records
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If you’re tired of your worn and scratched vinyl records collecting dust on a shelf, it’s time for a change. There may be no good way to get the scratches out, but there are plenty of ways to transform a record into a piece of art you can enjoy every day.

Plants Love Music, Too

To make an out-of-the-box planter from a record, all you need is a cookie sheet, parchment paper and an oven-safe bowl. Place the bowl upside down on the parchment-lined cookie sheet and set the record flat on top of the bowl. Heat in a 350-degree oven for five to six minutes until soft. Remove the record from the oven, carefully place it into a bowl, and arrange until your desired shape is achieved. Once cool, fill your new planter to the brim with all of your favorite plants.

Vinyl Record Molded to Be Used as a Planter

Oddly-Shaped Planter is Actually Molded Vinyl Record

A succulent sits atop a pile of rocks nestled in an oddly-shaped planter that has been made by softening a vinyl record with heat, placing it in a bowl and allowing it to cool.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

It’s Time for This DIY

This DIY is so easy, it’s as if records were made to be turned into clocks. Just slide a clock kit through the center hole of the record, slide clockface into place, secure the hands and tighten the nut.

A Vinyl Record Turned Into a Clock on a Wall

A Clock Made From a Vinyl Record Hangs on a Wall

This familiar-looking clock is actually a vinyl record that has been transformed using a clock kit. The kit slides through the hole in the record and makes it a fully-functioning clock.

Keep It Cool + Clean

Turning a record into a coaster may seem simple enough, but we’ve got a couple extra tips that will guarantee success. First, place the record on a towel and slide a piece of parchment paper over it. Iron the record through the parchment on high heat until pliable. While warm, use scissors to cut the perimeter around the center of the record away. Trim away all excess and clean up the edges. Following the same process, iron the record once more and place a heavy book on top of it so it flattens as it cools. Once cool, spray with a clear acrylic sealant and enjoy for years to come!

Vinyl Record Centers Made Into Fun Coasters

Coasters Cut From a Repurposed Vinyl Record

These coasters have been cut out of the center of scratched vinyl records. Heat is used to make them pliable and flatten them and acrylic sealer was used to make them waterproof.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Give the Lyrics a Home

Create one-of-a-kind artwork by using a metallic magic marker to write your favorite quote or song lyrics around the face of your favorite record (favorite *scratched* record). Once the ink dries, simply place it in a vinyl record frame. The hardest part is deciding which wall is worthy of your work.

Framed Artwork is Made From a Repurposed Vinyl Record

A Vinyl Record is Repurposed as Artwork in a Frame

The wall art is actually made out of a vinyl record that has a quote written on the front of it. A standard record frame is utilized to transform this scratched record into useful decor.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Spice Up Your Side Table

Liven up a boring metal plant stand or create a small table for your space with the magic of vinyl records. Just spray paint a metal plant stand in your favorite color and secure a vinyl record to the top using industrial adhesive.

Pro Tip: To guarantee a long-lasting result, finish this table off with a clear acrylic sealant.

Vinyl Record Table Toppers With Metal Plant Stand Legs

Side Tables Made With Metal Plant Stands and Vinyl Records

These metal plant stands have been painted in bright, fun colors and are now serving as table legs. The table toppers are made out of vinyl records that have been glued in place.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

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