15 Creative Ways to Upcycle Old T-Shirts

When your shirts have hit their expiration date, breathe new life into them with these fun DIYs.

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Get out your hot glue gun and dress up a plan doormat with colorful T-shirt fabric knots.

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Braided Rug

Braided rugs are timeless, and you can make your own in half the time the traditional method takes by using simple braids and a sewing machine.

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Produce Bags

These lightweight produce bags are just what you need for gathering a harvest from the garden or the farmer's market. If you're not handy with a sewing machine, we've got two no-sew methods to make them.

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Reusable Bag

No trip to the farmer's market is complete without a reusable bag and you can create your own with an old T-shirt, a pair of scissors and a strip of washi tape.

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Hanging Planter

Turn old T-shirts into yarn, then craft up this cute hanging planter for terra-cotta pots.

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Boot Socks

Have a surplus of long-sleeved tees? Cut off the sleeves and transform them into cute boot socks. We embellished ours with buttons, lace, sequins and bows.

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Throw Pillows

Some T-shirts have sentimental value, so you may be hesistant to completely cut them up even if you no longer wear them. Instead, turn them into decorative throw pillows that you can display at all times. It's better than hiding them in a drawer!

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Perfect for a child's bedroom, this colorful collage headboard can showcase old sports jerseys, camp shirts and other items the kiddos have outgrown.

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Natural Tie Dye

Maybe you have a tee that's in pretty good shape but has a stubborn stain that can't be removed. Using berries, beets, onion skins and other fruits and veggies, you can make natural dyes to conceal your shirt's imperfections.

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Custom Jersey

Buying a jersey at the game can be expensive. Instead, create your own custom jersey complete with your team's colors and your favorite player's number. We even provided a few printables to make the process even easier.

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Stylish Headband

Stretch two thin strips of fabric to make T-shirt yarn and then join them together with a sailor's knot to make a chic headband.

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DIY Cat Condo

Keep your feline friends busy for hours by building the ultimate sensory playground. Use a stool as the base and add interactive features for them swat around using brushes, twine and old T-shirts.

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Cozy Cat Hideout

Every kitty needs a stylish hideout to call their own. Instead of buying an expensive plastic house from the pet store, create a T-shirt tent for them to enjoy using a few simple materials.

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Drawstring Pouch

Upcycle the sleeve of a shirt into a handy drawstring pouch perfect for traveling or running errands. No sewing required!

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Halloween Costume

Some of the best Halloween costumes are also the most simple. Whether you get a last-minute invite or forgot to pick up a costume, we have just what you need to turn a T-shirt into a spooky skeleton, mad scientist or a bar of soap.

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