DIY Recycled Wall Decor Crafts

Save major money on wall decor by getting creative and crafty with common items from your recycling bin.

October 24, 2019

DIY Recycled Wall Decor 10:36

Save money on wall decor by using common items from the recycling bin!


Cardboard Planter

DIY Recycled Wall Decor: Cardboard Planter

Save major money on wall decor by getting creative and crafty with common items from your recycling bin.

Photo by: Karen Kavett

Karen Kavett

Materials + Tools

  • masking tape
  • ruler
  • tan paint
  • white paint
  • assorted faux succulents
  • floral foam or styrofoam
  • moss

Start by tracing the shapes from our printable pattern onto cardboard. Use a ruler to draw the triangular shapes after tracing the outer portion. Trace the rectangular shape six times on the cardboard. Next, cut the hexagon and rectangles out using a ruler and a craft knife. For the triangular shapes, cut out the outer lines then score the lines on the inside with the knife. Only score these lines halfway through the cardboard. You'll fold along the scored marks to create the planter bowl.

Using masking tape, attach the six rectangles around the hexagon (Image 1). Fold up each rectangle and tape together (Image 2). Cover all outside seams with masking tape to ensure a strong hold. Then, attach the triangular piece with more masking tape to finish off the structure of the planter (Image 3).

Paint two to three coats of your desired paint color — we're using white chalk paint. Optionally, create a faux wood grain texture by applying tan paint with a dry brush, building the color as you go (Image 4). Finally, place a piece of floral foam or styrofoam inside your planter. Insert the stems of faux succulents and fill in any gaps with moss (Image 5).


Upcycled Picture Frame

DIY Recycled Wall Decor: Cardboard & Plastic Picture Frame

Save major money on wall decor by getting creative and crafty with common items from your recycling bin.

Photo by: Karen Kavett

Karen Kavett

Materials + Tools

  • cutting mat
  • printable pattern
  • cardboard
  • scrapbook paper
  • gold findings
  • marker
  • glue stick
  • vinyl
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • masking tape
  • clear plastic container

Print and cut out our printable pattern. Next, cut the rectangle shape from a clear plastic container such as a salad container. Cut right up to the corners of the pattern but leave a little extra plastic on each side (Image 1). Trace and cut the circular shapes out of cardboard. Use a glue stick to cover the cardboard with scrapbook paper. Trim any excess once the glue is dry. Then, use vinyl to add a border to each piece (Image 2). No vinyl? Duct tape or washi tape will do the trick as well.

To assemble the frame, use masking tape to tape each side of the frame to the plastic rectangle (Image 3). Optionally, use double-sided tape for a stronger hold. Cut a second piece of clear plastic and tape one side to the back of the picture frame. This will create an opening for your picture. Use a small piece of tape to hold the other side in place. Next, attach a gold bracelet and keyring with a large jump ring. Tape to the back of the picture frame (Image 4). Finally, attach a photo or postcard between the two pieces of plastic with small loops of washi tape and display.

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